End Of Goal Month One! How Did You Fare??? @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

This month has come to an end….

January has definitely been really good to me! My training has been stronger than ever, Zoe is excelling in her lessons, and Josh has had his biggest sales month to date! We have certainly been blessed! No matter how high our highs are, or how low our lows are, we are always thankful!

My goals this month were pretty basic. Most I accomplished no problem. Whenever I do not smash a goal, I do not beat myself up over it. I reassess the goal. Remind myself why I made the goal and how I can better accomplish it.

Goal 1 To continue with the 5×5 training. This was a no brainer. I have been seeing some huge strides in my physique this off season. My first bulk, I had some gains, but nothing like what I have seen this year. I have a better grasp of training as well as nutrition, which I have said before is the main component to gains and getting lean. Being told by so many “bro thinkers” that doing squats and big lifts more than once a week was going to damage my body, originally had me a bit leery of the 5×5 program. I am happy I did my research and went against what was being preached to me. I truly enjoy the 5×5 strong lifts and my body does too!

Goal 2 To gain 5-10lbs on my lifts each week. This was not a problem. I feel stronger than ever!!! I have raised some lifts only 10lbs this month, but others have gone up by as much as 30lbs. It is insane!!! To be able to do 5 working sets of 5 at what was my max weight before we moved, on some of the exercises has me blown away! My bench press has gone up 5lbs every week and I am now pushing more than I ever could and 5 working sets of 5 is no joke! My deadlift will increase by another 20lbs next week. This will put me at 5 working sets of 185lbs. 195lbs was my max when we moved and I could only pull one, so I am stoked!!!! 

Goal 3 Is posing, posing, posing. I have been a rockstar at not only keeping to this goal, but also perfecting my poses. I think I finally have it figured out!!!! Zoe has been a beast at keeping me accountable as well. She knows when she needs to put her foot down ha ha ha ha

Goal 4 This goal was to get our finances back on track and start to recover our savings. I am a proud wife! Josh has managed to get us caught up and get our savings substantially back on track in a matter of 30 days. The man is nothing short of amazing! He has had a record month at work and is striving to achieve his own goals that he has set for himself! He is working hard to be a top writer at his company this year and get that next promotion! I am certainly in awe of his tenacious drive and motivation!

Goal 5 Was getting Zoe’s lessons on par with school. We are thinking of starting her in the fall, but still weighing in on that ;-) We both believe she is ahead of the game. She has started reading this year and has also started basic addition. She is a sponge who loves to learn! It amazes me how much and how fast she can learn!!! At 4 years old, she is blossoming so fast. We are cherishing every moment of it! 

Goal 6 I have narrowed the suit styles down to just a few and believe I have the color picked that I want. I wasn’t able to get the fabric quite yet, but that will be done soon enough ;-) It is very exciting for me to be designing my own suit this year! I am hopeful that it will turn out great!!! With so many online photos, it’s hard not to find a suit design that inspires you! 

Goal 7 To represent my sponsor Saturn Supplements to the best of my ability! This is something I pride myself on doing each and every month! Saturn has been supportive of me since the beginning and for that i am always very grateful! Please take a moment to show some love on their Facebook page!!! Just click here, like, and tell them who sent you ;-) 
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Recipe: Aminos Pump 50000 Gummies @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

I mentioned last week that I would be sharing a new recipe ;-)

Aminos are something I consume several times a day. It is actually my go to supplement. I have written about the many benefits of aminos in the past. You can CLICK HERE to read more.

I love the Aminos Pump 50000, because it is an awesome blend with a fabulous vanilla flavor. One of my favorite ways to get my aminos is in gummy form. It is a super easy recipe that tastes just like candy ;-)

What you will need:

1/2 Cup Water

Mixing bowl

1 Box whatever flavor Gelatin you would like to use. Sugar-free if you are low on carbs ;-)

3 Envelopes of Unflavored Gelatin

72 grams of Aminos Pump 50000


A pan to put your gummies in. I used a mini muffin pan which yields 24 servings


Measure out your aminos,


Then add all your gelatin and mix well,


Add the 1/2 cup of water, mix well, and microwave for about 45 seconds. It will be a thick sticky goo. Much like children slime ha ha ha. Immediately start filling the pan. The mixture actually sets quite fast.


Place the pan in the freezer for 5-10 mins then you can remove the gummies. they actually don’t stick bad at all.


I coat them in a light layer of corn starch, so they won’y stick to each other, then store them in a Zipper bag, but you can store them however you choose. The peach gelatin with the vanilla tastes like peaches and cream candy ;-)


The macros are awesome too! I keep them in my gym bag and my hiking bag. Zoe loves them!!!

Nutrition Facts
Servings 24.0
Amount Per Serving
calories 24
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 0 g 0 %
Saturated Fat 0 g 0 %
Monounsaturated Fat 0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Sodium 17 mg 1 %
Potassium 0 mg 0 %
Total Carbohydrate 3 g 1 %
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0 %
Sugars 3 g
Protein 3 g 6 %
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0 %
Calcium 0 %
Iron 0 %
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Any gelatin flavor works well with the vanilla ;-) Do you take Aminos? What flavor combos would you try?

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Monday Morning Motivation #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

I am excited to kick this week off! Today and tomorrow I have date day training with the hubs. He always pushes me more in the gym. I typically hit some awesome PR’s with him motivating and believing in me. I am seeing myself in a different light than I did in my last bulk. I am motivated more than ever to push myself to limits! Let’s kick this week off with a little Lady Swole Monday…

Build With The Power Of the Universe

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Week 24 Bulk Check In

Week 24 Bulk Check In

weekly check in

I feel really great about my bulk. I have 14 more weeks before I start my cut. At this point I am focusing only on growth. I stopped worrying about my midsection. I realize now, I was just allowing my mind to hold me back. I need to gain to grow. Luckily, I never kept up with the cardio ha ha Thank You Holidays!!! ;-) I feel my overall posing has improved SO much, but I am still figuring out how to be consistent with my posing. I have a tendency to change it a little each time, so I need to really get that muscle memory down. I have dedicated my weekends to long posing practices. Taking photos each time and trying to get each one the exact same.

Ending week 24 I noticed my measurements fluctuate about a half inch every week, just like my weight. This week my weight went up, but measurements went down.

Weight 150.2 to 151.8

Waist 31 to 30.5

Stomach 33 to 32.5

Rump 39 to 38.5

Thighs 20.75 to 21

Calves 14.25 to 14

Chest/Lats 41.5 to 41

Biceps 13.75 to 13.75


Stay tuned next week for a gummy amino recipe ;-) Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!! xoxo

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Weight Training, To Glove Or Not To Glove #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

To glove or not to glove, that is the question?

When I first started lifting, I always wore gloves. Reason being was it helped me grip the bar and prevented calluses. When I stopped training at home and going to a public gym, I had issues with men hitting on me. My ring wasn’t visible under the gloves. At the time, this was the main reason I lost the gloves. Other issues I had were that the gloves would get stinky (even with regular washing) and wear out pretty fast.

A friend convinced me to go without. I was apprehensive, mainly because you see all those gnarly pics of people ripping their hands open. Mostly friends who Crossfit, but the photos were enough for me to question whether I want to go without…

Once I did though, I loved it! My grip strength improved and to be honest I love the feel of iron in my hands. I do get calluses, but to be honest, my calluses were just as bad when I wore gloves. My technique has also improved. My grip was always off since I couldn’t feel the bar and the gloves sometimes just made me grip the bar differently. I do use chalk, which some gyms don’t allow. They do sell a chalk spray that works well and can be used at most gyms. I do love my chalk ;-) I only use it when I am doing heavy pulling movements like deadlifts or bentover rows

At first I was still wearing my wedding ring, but that quickly stopped. Someone had mentioned degloving to me on Facebook. I looked it up and it was pretty disturbing. Enough so, that I NEVER wear my ring while I train!!!! Even worse I have witnessed it myself. It was horrible!!!! WARNING the image below is graphic! This is what can happen if your ring gets caught the wrong way……

I always say to do what is most comfortable for YOU! For me, gloveless is the way to go. In my opinion, your lifts will improve when you lose the gloves.

~Improved grip strength

~Improved lifting technique

~You will feel more badass without them ;-)

If you are worried about calluses, there are ways to keep them tamed. You want to have somewhat of a callus base, so your hands aren’t ripping apart while training, but you can still have feminine hands with them. My tricks are making sure I am gripping the bar properly. If you don’t, you can cause calluses to get worse, or rip the existing ones open. I can’t chance that, because I don’t have the time to take off from training while they heal. You can google how to grip the bar in certain lifts. it really does make a difference, not just for your calluses, but for the lifts themselves!!!! Next, keep them shaved down. Not cut, but shaved. I do this like once a month. Just to get the top layer off. It keeps them from getting too big, which can also put you at risk for a rip. You can buy callus shavers or a pumice stone works well too. Last but not least, moisturize your hands at bedtime. Simple things to keep your hands healthy so you can continue to get optimum results from your lifts!

Do you wear gloves when you train? Do you wear rings? How do you treat calluses?

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Body Shaming…Are You Guilty? #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

There has been so many body shaming posts lately. I get frustrated when I see people with fitness fan pages on social media bashing others. I think what is more shocking is I see more from those who are not fit than the other way around. People posting things like “Only dogs like bones” Or “Real women have curves” I find it odd that many do not blink an eye on these posts, but if someone posted something about an overweight person it becomes fat shaming. I don’t think either are acceptable!

I actually posted about this on my Facebook page the other day. I saw another blogger post an article about a mother with a six pack. (See pic below) He stated that she was fat shaming people by stating she had no excuses. Hmmmm…. I fail to see the logic in that. When I personally state I make no excuses, I am not saying others do. I am saying exactly that, I MADE NO EXCUSE to reach MY goal. When I see this photo, I assumed she meant exactly that.

It is just like when Maria King was attacked for her similar photo

I think it’s ridiculous that either of these women are made to feel bad for accomplishing their goals. Just as ridiculous as it is when someone makes lewd comments to someone who may be overweight. I do not find these photos to be lewd or fat shaming. I find them to be motivational, which is what I believe both ladies were trying to do. They were showing that even after having children, a woman can get that physique that some women want. Many women, myself included, were led to believe that after children (especially after a c-section), there was no hope of a six pack or lean stomach. These women posted to show that with discipline and perseverance anyone can obtain it! I have gotten several nasty messages in the past two years. More so after my show. Things like women with muscles are gross, 6 packs are genetic, you look sickly skinny, etc When I first started my journey, these messages bothered me. I have posted about them before. Now, I just feel bad for those who sent them. In my opinion it shows the issues they may have with themselves, not me.

Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. I am not sure why there has to be a right or wrong body to have, just love the one you were blessed with. If it is not how you want to look, then work on it. Hating on others isn’t going to make you look better.

I have been big and I have been little. My size does not define me. I love myself no matter what size!!! We should show others the same respect and love we show ourselves ;-)

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Happy Monday!!! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

I woke up super sore Saturday and it continued into yesterday…

Of course I had promised Zoe that we would walk the trails yesterday. I typically like to keep one of my rest days active, but yesterday I was feeling more like lounging ha ha ha. A promise is a promise, so we headed out. We had gone about a mile and I said okay, let’s head back. Zoe looked at me like I was nuts ha ha she had decided we should shoot for 10 miles. We went 7.28 miles before I called it quits ;-)

Needless to say I am dragging a bit this morning ha ha ha I am still more than ready to kick this week off right!!! I have plans to hit some new PR’s this week!!! As always let’s start with some Lady Swole Monday…

Motivated and more than ready! Let’s do this!!!!

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Grow Mode Week 23 Check In #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Grow Mode Week 23 Check In

weekly check in

I started the week strong, but by yesterday was feeling weak and not comfortable in my own body. As I have said before, gaining weight can play mind games with you. We all have a distorted vision of ourselves. I certainly do not see myself the way others do ;-) I don’t feel negatively towards my body daily, most days I am very proud. Just this week had me feeling a bit self conscious. The great thing is, I know when I need some confidence and I know how to boost it!

This is one of the MANY reasons I have been taking progress pictures. I pulled the photos from my first bulk. If you remember, it ended August of 2013.


So many things that have changed ;-) This photo put my current bulk into perspective. I am so much further now than I was then. I am not sure the weight in the above photos, because at that time our scale was not calibrated correctly. I do know that it was between 150-160

This week I am going into week 23 of my bulk. I did not check in last week and only did a weight/photo check in 2 weeks ago. Between then and now, there were some changes. My weight went from 152.3 to 150.2 I also have improved my posing. This is something I have been lacking with and have known that i needed to fix something. It took me a while, but it clicked yesterday and I GOT IT!!!!


I need to get that finger in ha ha ha, but my posing is leaps and bounds better than it has been!!!

Week 23 measurements

Waist 31 inches

Stomach 33 inches

Rump 39 inches

Thighs 20.75 inches

Calves 14.25 inches

Chest/Lats 41.5 inches

Biceps 13.75 inches

I am very excited now and not feeling bad at all. I have a little over 4 months left on my bulk. I plan on making each and everyday count. I know I can only grow so much in a year. I want to make sure I am utilizing my time and making every effort to achieve as much growth as I can!

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Supplement Shopping & Need More Info? @SaturnMuscle #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse

In an overcrowded industry with many making outlandish claims, it can be frustrating, confusing, and intimidating to find out what supplements may be right for you and your goals.

First and foremost, I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I encourage you to do your own research, educate yourself, talk to your doctor, track your progress, and draw your own conclusions. The brand I always suggest is Saturn Supplements. Reason being, is they are a company that I trust and have been working closely with. Their products are currently the only supplements I take and I have been seeing results with.

What are supplements? Supplements are things like Multi-vitamins, protein, BCAA’s, pre-workout drinks, glutamine, creatine, etc. Many athletes take supplements to recover their body’s depletion of essential nutrients. This happens quickly with heavy exercise and training. Supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT a healthy diet, NOT replace it. Supplements are not a quick fix solution to losing fat or gaining muscle. This is one of the reasons I love Saturn, is they don’t fill your head with nonsense. Their products are labeled clear cut. They list ingredients, serving size, and purpose. They don’t need to push any dubious claims, because they strive to put out a quality product.

Sponsored athletes like Elizabeth Stenberg and myself, are proud to be apart of such a phenomenal team!

  • Elizabeth to compete at the USATF Georgia Regional Championships June 1st!         2013 USATF GA Southeast Regionals Gold Medal (Javelin)
  • 2012 NCAA National Qualifier (Javelin)
  • 2012 NCAA Academic All-American
  • 2012 NCCAA All American (Heptathlon)
  • 2012 Became 4th ranked of all time in NCCAA Heptathlon history
  • 2012 Conference Champion (High Jump)
  • 2011 7th at NCCAA Nationals

“In just three short years since I have begun running track, I have competed successfully at the collegiate level, earning school honors, PAC (conference) titles, NCCAA All-American status, and qualifying and competing at NCAA Dill Nationals.  These competitions not only provided me with excellent competitive opportunities, but fueled my desire to continue competing.  With the support of my amazing sponsorship provider, Saturn Supplements, I have been able to fuel my body and my competitive training with such an incredible array of nutrition that has become a major part of my health and training.  Saturn’s products are tried and true and I feel a difference in the quality and formulation of the products I take.  Thank you Saturn!!”  

Saturn Supplements has a HUGE product line. I have tried most of their products and have not been let down yet! They do have a list of Best Seller’s that are a must to check out!!!!

Smart Whey…

Smart Whey

“Smart Whey is the perfect source of nutrition consisting of 100% Cross Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Isolate Protein & Protein (dairy sources), and a high support vitamin and mineral complex. To enhance the overall perfection of this formula, Smart Whey is 100% NON-GMO, containing NO Genetically Modified Organisms.

The revolutionary Ion-Exchange manufacturing process produces a protein supplement that is 90 to 95% protein by volume. This purity makes whey isolate the most digestible protein available and is virtually fat and cholesterol free. It is by far the most desirable protein source to athletes. Each 35 gram serving provides you with 32 grams of pure digestible lactose-free protein enriched with L-glutamine and branched-chain amino acids. No other protein formula provides you with as much pure protein per serving!

We realized for maximum protein absorption you needed a high supportive blend of nutrients to further enhance the effectiveness of this revolutionary protein. Saturn’s Pharma-Engineered Vitamin and Mineral Complex provides the body with not only the calcium, needed for muscle contraction and relaxation, but key elements necessary for biochemical reactions that take place throughout intensive training-nutrients that are not only vital to good health, but are required for massive gains.”

I can personally state that this protein is excellent!!! I can see why it is a best seller!!!

One Source Multi-Vitamin…


“One Source is the absolute strongest Vitamin & Mineral Pack on the market, Saturn’s One-Source delivers! You cannot always be sure of getting all the nutrients you need from food, and Saturn’s One-Source Pack is designed to enrich your body with a complete dietary supplement-perfect for everyday taking. Each Freshness-Assured packet provides the best that natural vitamins and minerals have to offer.”

I take One Source daily. It is convenient for me, because there is no vitamin sorting. They each come in their own individual packs. I believe that multi-vitamins are necessary in day in age. A lot of the food we eat is normally malnutritious due to mass harvesting, pesticides sprayed on food, not to mention all the hormones given to our meat sources. I don’t always eat enough of my micro-nutrients either. Since I started taking One Source. I am sick less often, my hair, skin, and nails, have improved in look and texture, and I over all feel better!

Joint Aid….


“Saturn’s New & Improved Joint-Aid, is now a Sustained-Release formula designed to nutritionally support healthy joint function over a more gradual period of time. Saturn’s Joint-Aid provides your body with one of the highest potency glucosamine products available. Each fast-dissolving capsule provides 750mg of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.”

Joint Aid is a phenomenal formula to provide nutritional support for strengthening joints, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Any heavy lifter can tell you the importance of this kind of support!!!


BCAA 800mg Capsules

“Saturn’s BCAA Branched-Amino provides a precision blend of the three most predominant amino acids in muscle. For years now, athletes have used BCAA supplements to help them achieve greater mass gains by preventing muscle tissue breakdown. Saturn’s Ultra-Pure complex consists of L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine with absolutely no fillers, no extras-just pure free form branched-chain material.”

I have repeatedly told you the benefits of BCAA’s. Saturn’s formula speeds recovery, reduces fatigue, and maximizes muscle stimulation on a cellular level.

HMB 1500…

HMB 1500

“Saturn’s HMB 1500 HardCore is the most intense extra-strength formula on the market! This branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) metabolite B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate monohydrate (HMB) is the optimum support supplement for athletes demanding lean muscle gains.
HMB provides the body with weight altering advantages, unlike any other single supplement. For decades now, HMB has been used by athletes for its muscle-optimizing properties including breakdown prevention, repair and recovery.”

Another phenomenal BCAA formula. Fast dissolving for that lean body mass repair.

What supplements do you take? Do you have questions about any? I would love to hear back from you!
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Maximizing your Gluteus #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

It seems that having a big booty is the popular thing to have. Some women opt for surgery, which in my opinion is scary. All surgeries have risk, some greater than others.

I will say, always do research before making such a huge body altering decision. You definitely do NOT have to take this route ;-)  Like many women, I too have been wanting to increase the size of my bum. Luckily, you can do this naturally by muscle building ;-) Two years ago, my bulking season was all over the place. I was trying any and everything to grow muscle everywhere. My glutes did grow some, but did not have the lift and shape I really wanted come competition time.

Joanna  Broadbent - NPC Muscle Mayhem 2014 - #1

Ignore the fact that I forgot to move my hair ha ha ha

This year, I have been more mindful of the areas I wanted to grow. I have educated myself much more in proper training. Glutes have had a major focus this year. I feel I have made huge strides in lifting and rounding this muscle group. What changed in my training from in the past? Let me tell you in full detail…..

I now do heavy and deep squats three times a week. 5 sets of 5 at 80% of my max weight

When I started doing squats, I had gotten so much information from many sources and to be honest I was completely confused. I was told NOT to do many things. Many things that I now know to be false ;-)

~ Do not squat below parallel, it will hurt your knees. This is far from the truth. If you have proper form, your knees will be fine. If the squat is hurting your knees, then you need to lighten the load and work on your form. If you are doing partial squats, you will get partial results. Aim for the crease in your hips to be below the top of your knees, without losing form. If you are losing form, lighten the load till you get it.

~ Don’t allow your knees to go in front of your feet. This too is also false. It is a natural occurrence, especially in taller people. there is no scientific studies that show your knees going past your toes will hurt you in any way. Focus more on your hips being pushed back and keeping your spine neutral.

~ Squats hurt your back. They will if you are doing them incorrectly. Again, keep your spine neutral, eyes forward, hips back, and feet level. If your back is rounding at all, lighten the load till you can correct your form.

Squats have quickly become one of my favorite things to do. ;-)

Next, I do deadlifts once a week. These too are another fave! 5 sets of 5 at 80% of my max weight.

Just like squats, form is very important on deadlifts to avoid injury. You want to focus on NOT rounding your back, gripping the bar strong, hips back, and push the weight into the floor with your legs. It helps to have flat shoes or to go without shoes. I typically opt for my Converse, because they are flat soled. I always try to keep my grip overhand, but since I do 5 sets of 5 I typically have to switch to over/under grip on my last set. I also focus on keeping my back straight, the bar close to my body, and lifting with a slow, smooth movement. When in the standing position do not over extend back, just stand straight up.

Once a week I also incorporate Cable Pull Throughs and Glute Kickbacks. Like everything else, I always do 5 sets of 5 at 80% of my max weight

Pull Throughs are an AWESOME butt workout. I won’t lie, I do get some looks when I do these, but they truly do wonders for your glutes and hammies!!!!

I opt for the glute kickback machine, but there are many variations you can do of this exercise. If you Google Glute kickbacks, you will see that it can be done on the smith machine, leg extension machine, cables, etc. These are great for growing the booty as well.

Since starting my journey, I have learned not only what exercises work for maximizing growth in certain areas, but to visualize and focus on those areas when training. You mind connects to your body in more ways than you can imagine, so if you want an area to grow and look a certain way, then visualize how you want it to look as you are training it.

Don’t forget to protect your body and muscles. ;-) BCAA’s maximize fat loss and increase muscle retention. Check out Saturn Supplements BCAA’s. Quality supplements designed for optimal performance. Saturn’s BCAA Branched-Amino provides a precision blend of the three most predominant amino acids in muscle. For years now, athletes have used BCAA supplements to help them achieve greater mass gains by preventing muscle tissue breakdown. Saturn’s Ultra-Pure complex consists of L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine with absolutely no fillers, no extras-just pure free form branched-chain material. I personally take BCAA’s daily. They are an essential part of my supplement line up!!!

BCAA 800mg Capsules

With Saturn Supplements you are always guaranteed phenomenal products, great prices,  and excellent customer service! Definitely a company you can trust, with products that will give you results! They are still running the 25% off anniversary pricing, so be sure to take advantage!!!
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Happy Monday!!!!

Monday is a great day! I think most dread Monday, because we have been pre-programed to. For as long as I remember, it has been the most hated day of the week. Mainly because it marks the end of everyone’s weekend.


I enjoy my days off too, however I am always pumped to start a new week! To me, Monday sets the week up. Your attitude and outlook need to be right and it all starts with Monday ;-) I try to have a positive attitude when I wake up and do my best to shine that on everyone I speak to. Mondays are a blessing, not a curse.

Let’s get motivated to rock out this week!!!! As always I start with Lady Swole Monday….

Let’s make it happen! I am pumped to get in the gym and hit some new PR’s and push my body to the limits!!! Hope you do the same ;-)

Build With The Power Of the Universe
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I BELIEVE In You! Do You? #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I know I normally post my weekly check in on Saturday, but I wanted to address something. You see it all the time. Especially on social media. People voicing their opinions of what others say do, wear, eat, etc. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I also believe that unless you believe something is harming someone, shaming a person is uncalled for. I have been told recently that I am obsessed with the gym and my body, I am starting to look gross, I am setting a bad example for my daughter, and disrespecting my family, look manly, etc. You get the point.

I will have to agree with the obsessed part ;-) To some it is a bad thing, to me it means dedication and growth. What I am trying to accomplish, may not be everyone’s bag of tea. It doesn’t have to be, they are my goals. I find it inspiring when I can watch people push themselves to the limit and make themselves into whatever they dream. Some want to start a business, some want to get promoted, some want to body build, dance, model, etc. Many people have many dreams. Pushing yourself to yours, is part of the adventure of life.

As far as the rest of the comments, I will disregard them. there is no point in even addressing them ;-) I love myself. I came from hating every aspect of my life and my body. I grew up abusing myself mentally and emotionally. Never feeling like I was good enough for myself or anyone else. I did drugs, drank, ate poorly, completely disrespected my body. I am fortunate to be able to do the things I do now. I am blessed to have a beautiful daughter call me mommy and a husband who adores me daily. At this point in my life I see only the positive. When someone talks ugly me, I no longer get angry. The problem is within them, not me. I look back to who I use to be and I understand them. There is no reason to lash out at someone when they are mean, they are already suffering. At one time in my life, I was surrounded by negative people. I spent a lot of time and effort in trying to lift them up, even though they spent the same amount of energy bringing me down. As unfortunate as it is, I distance myself from negative people now.

Life is too short to be spent unhappy. If you have a dream or goal that you wish to pursue, GO FOR IT!!! Do not allow anyone to tell you it’s not possible.

There will be days where you feel alone, or like no one is rooting for you. Know that there is always someone in your corner, even if you can’t see it yet! I continue to push myself daily to accomplish the dreams that I have for my life! I will do so everyday with a smile on my face. I will persevere!!! I get messages and make new friends daily who tell me I inspire them, but in reality it is the other way around. So many stories and feelings shared. It is amazing how many positive people have come into my life since all this started!!!

If you take anything away from this, let it be that you think before you speak. Your words may be what breaks someone. Be the person with the words that MAKE someone!!!

Powered By Saturn Supplements

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Let’s Talk Fad Diets @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements #SoIRuffledSomeFeathers

The other day I posted a photo on Instagram and how I feel about Fad Diets. It apparently ruffled some feathers.  This is exactly what I posted…..



FYI I never tagged any specific people in this post outside of my hubs, whom I always tag in my photos. It was me doing my normal thing, which is helping and informing my followers on what I know. Let me clear some things up, I am in no way against supplements, or someone who is trying to make extra income. You all know I take supplements. I am sponsored by an awesome supplement company. Saturn Supplements ;-) When my nutrition is lacking in a certain area, I supplement it. I personally do not wish to participate in any Multi-Level Marketing company. I have my own opinion of them, but that has nothing to do with this post. I was in sales for years, so I get it ;-) You are making money. Kudos to you for being a rockstar salesperson!!! I am in NO WAY trying to hate on someone for making a living and providing for their family. My issue with many of the fad diets that are being marketed, is that they are giving unrealistic results and in my opinion are unhealthy. I have many personal friends who have jumped on the challenge band wagon with several different companies. Although I am happy they want to improve their health and wellness and I LOVE seeing them happy when they get results, but the other part of me cringes when I see the unhealthy relationship they have now with food and exercise. They starve themselves, only drinking shakes most of the day, never enjoying meals with their families, and working out for HOURS. Not because they enjoy it, but because they are desperate to be skinny. They skip enjoying a cookie with the kiddos or have even axed drinking the occasional soda/diet soda. I have been these people. I know the desperation of wanting to have your youthful body back as fast as possible. Problem is, they are sacrificing their health for these short term results. The lifestyle they are leading is NOT sustainable.

What most don’t realize is the initial weight loss is mostly water weight. All of these challenges start with “Cleanses” or “Detoxing” Basically they have you guzzling fiber drinks and tons of water. FYI unless you are a former drug addict, alcoholic, have organ failure, or something to that effect. Your body already removes toxins on it’s own naturally ;-) You have 4 major organs that process the toxins in your body. The Liver, Kidneys, Intestinal Tract, and your Skin. Outside of increasing your water intake, these organs do not need assistance in detoxifying your body. I am all about science and facts when it comes to my nutrition. I have made the unhealthy mistakes in the past. I now research everything!!!! Here are some great links that go into more detail about why these cleanses and detox diets are scams….



And of course an informational video from Dr. Layne Norton himself about Understanding What Toxic Really Means

I highly suggest taking the time to read the articles in their entirety and watching the full video.

When starting a weight loss program, there are key things to remember

~ Fat loss comes from calorie deficit. Find out where your maintenance calorie intake starts, and work from there. You can find many online calculators to help you calculate your calories online. I personally have always used www.iifym.com but there are several that are awesome.

~ There is NO quick fix. If the program you are looking at is tell you that you will lose 10+ pounds in less than 30 days….WALK AWAY…NO RUN!!!! A healthy amount is 1-2lbs per week. No it is not a HUGE amount, but it is a healthy amount. You did not gain the weight overnight, so it is silly to think you can lose it that fast.

~ “Toning” this is not possible without muscles. If you want the “toned” look, pick up some weights. Ladies, you will not get bulky or big. It is very hard for women to grow muscle. Trust me, I want to have bigger muscles ha ha Even some men have a hard time getting big muscles. Having muscles is to your benefit when trying to lose fat. I see so many women opt for the treadmill when wanting to burn calories. Strength training burns calories AND builds muscle. Cardio will aid in shrinking you, however you end up skinny and soft. Strength training will help you lean down and achieve a beautiful physique. The “toned” look many ladies I know are looking for.

~Wanting a 6 pack. I see SO many of my friends starting on their journey who desire this and are doing hundreds of sit-ups a day. I was in this group at one time. PLEASE, save your back. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a six pack. However, it is only sustainable for me during my contest prep. You have to have a VERY low body fat percentage to see visible abs. This is hard for women to sustain year round. For example, the women in the above photo most likely prepped for that photoshoot. I doubt any of them look that lean in their offseason ;-) This is true with most in the fitness industry. What you see in magazines, posters, etc those individuals prepped and dieted down for those shoots and unfortunately some were photoshopped. Either way, the visible six pack you desire can be achieved, but in most cases not sustained.

~ A healthy diet consists of Protein, Carbs, Fiber, and Fat. Everyone has a different macronutrient make-up. My numbers work for me. To find the perfect balance, it was trial and error. I will say, that it doesn’t matter what you eat to achieve your numbers. If I could fit it in, I ate ice cream during my last prep and I probably will this next one too. Stop restricting yourself so much. Enjoy life. Enjoy your family meals. You are only here once, stop being miserable!!!! Make it fit your macros and live life normally. Unless you are planning on competing, there is no need to be super restrictive. ;-)

Again, I DO take supplements. I Love the company I am sponsored by. They provide me with quality. No nonesense, just phenomenal products and customer service. They answer questions about their products and are very detailed with the answers. I do not make an income with Saturn Supplements. I am only provided supplements. I work with them, because just as they believe in me, I believe in their company and products.

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I am always willing to engage with my followers, so if you have questions or comments, please feel free to shoot them my way. As always I am very grateful for each and everyone of you and your support of me on this journey xoxo I am also very grateful for my phenomenal sponsor!!!


2015 Show Has Been Picked!!!! @saturnmuscle #Poweredbysaturnsupplements

Nothing gets you more motivated than picking out your next competition….

I took time over the weekend to research all the fall shows within a 6 hour radius of Salt Lake City. By research, I mean I look at not only location, but rules (some shows have different local rules), competitors, venues, etc. I decided to keep it local this year. The show in Salt Lake City looks to be an awesome show. Not quite as big as last year’s show, but not a small one either and PLENTY of competition. The women here BRING IT!!!!

This was the overall winner last year. Not only of her class, but the whole figure division. She is pretty stellar! I have been following her for a bit on Instagram ;-)

I am super excited to compete here. I am still on a learning curve and know that I could benefit from a coach, but truth be told, we still can’t afford to add that expense. I am a beginner, but also still believe that I can place top 5 on my own. I have the drive and knowledge to do so. I just need to continue to work hard and educate myself about every aspect of this competition. I am blessed to have so many knowledgeable friends in this industry who are more than willing to answer questions for me ;-)


2015 is going to be EPIC!!! What are some of your huge goals this year? Do you want to compete? HUGE thank you to Saturn Supplements for always supporting me and believing in me!!! Be sure to check out their phenomenal product line. They are still running their 25% off anniversary promotion, so take advantage while you can!!!!
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It’s Monday Don’t Forget To Be AWESOME!!! @SaturnMuscle #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

Happy Monday!!!!

Judging on how the gym looked last week, I will assume the bulk of people who have made the resolution to get healthy/fit were waiting till today to start ;-) No better day, than a Monday!!! As always I strive to get myself and YOU motivated to challenge ourselves this week, push to our goals, and overall just kick ass!!!! As always let’s kick it off with Lady Swole Monday ;-)

We all have a starting point, were all at one time a beginner, and have traveled, or are traveling the learning curve. Embrace the fact that no one knows it all ;-) I personally, learn something new everyday. It is part of the journey. Definitely be open to advice and asking questions….It’s the only way to learn. Use Google ;-) There is a plethora of information online. Will it happen overnight? Nope, it will be a process, but it WILL happen if you believe in yourself. I believe in you!!!!

Be sure to check out my sponsor Saturn Supplements. I use their products daily and have for 2 years. They do not just have supplements, they have overall quality. Quality in products and customer service!!! They are still running their anniversary promotion, so you can still take advantage of the 25% off your overall price!!!! Just click below…
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