Nitrox-Pro Crepes Perfect Way To Start The Day #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I love experimenting with new recipes. This week I did Nitrox-Pro Crepes

PicsArt_1431883441917 (1)

They turned out light, delicious, and very high in protein. This is just what I need on my low carb days!!!! They are also very quick and easy. Just a few things that you need: Nitrox-Pro Vanilla Protein Powder 46g, 4 medium or large egg whites, water, food scale, mixing bowl, and a non stick pan.


First, measure out your protein. I am a stickler when it comes to weighing out my food. Using scoops or measuring cups can and will always give you a slightly different amount.


Mix the Nitrox-Pro, egg whites, and water. I don’t have an exact measurement for the water. I kept adding till I got a thin consistency. It was probably close to 1/2 cup


I had my skillet warming up as I was mixing my ingredients. I kept it around medium to low heat. Pour a little in the pan and spread it thin. It browns quickly. Probably about 30 to 45 seconds per side.


My skillet was pretty big, so I was able to get  2 1/2 crepes.


You can top with whatever your heart desires ūüėČ I chose whipped cream, blackberries, and blueberries.

PicsArt_1431883441917 (1)

It was perfect, down to the last bite!!!


Super macro friendly too. The recipe without the toppings is just 232 kcals, 2g carbs, and 57g protein.

Nitrox-Pro is my favorite protein to work with. It has an amazing flavor and you get SO much for your money! A 5lb tub gives you 50, yes 50 servings of 41g of protein per serving! When compared to other brands that cost about the same, but their serving is only 25g of protein. It’s a no brainer for me! Be sure to use code 25YEARS to get 25% off your total order.

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Make Yourself Proud Monday #BuildWithThePowerOf TheUniverse @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

I am headed into my 3rd week of contest prep. Still feeling great! My weight did not change last week, but my inches did. I don’t focus just on the scale for results. Especially, since my prep is 23 weeks long. If I were to lose too fast, I would lose all the muscle I built. That would be devastating!!! Staying positive, focused, and determined. I will get where I want to be!

Let’s get this week started right with some Lady Swole Monday…

Hope you all have a fabulous week. Set goals and SMASH them!!!!

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Lack Of ZZZ’s Lack Of Progress #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Many do not realize that sleep is just as important as your nutrition and exercise, when it come to weight loss.

Some have trouble falling asleep, some staying asleep. I personally have trouble with both. There are many prescription sleep aids, but they all have some pretty scary side effects!!! These have been listed as some of the medications people have been prescribed to get better sleep…

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I lost hearing in one ear from prescription drugs that I took back in 2009. (Short story) I had debilitating migraines, that had me hospitalized. The whole time frame is a daze to me. They gave me several different types of medications. I ended up with a stutter, bad eyes, hand-eye coordination was awful, and had hearing loss. Over a period of a year, things slowly became normal again…everything except my hearing. My left ear never went back to normal. It has actually slowly been getting worse. Due to my previous experiences, prescription drugs do concern me. I was raised by deaf parents, one whom also had hearing loss, like me, due to ototoxic drugs. ¬†It is more common than most realize.

Okay back to talking about better sleep ūüėČ There are many ways to hit the sack and feel more rested without a prescription. Here are tips that I use to get myself to dreamland…

~Set a regular bedtime and wake up time.¬†Going to bed at the same time every night will program your body and mind into feeling sleepy on it’s own. Choose a reasonable time and stick to it! ¬†With that being said, you need to wake up around the same time everyday. Your body needs routine. When your body starts to get familiar with these times, you will start to fall asleep and wake up without problem.

~If you miss sleep, take a nap.¬†If I have issues sleeping at night, I make it a point to still get up at the same time the next day. Taking a timed nap for the amount of sleep I have lost has made a huge difference for me. Even if it’s only 30 mins, it truly makes a difference.

~Turn off TV and all other electronic devices.¬†I see the all common posts at night on social media “I can’t sleep” Often times, it’s because the person hasn’t set down their tablet or phone and actually tried to sleep. When something keeps your attention, you will stay awake.

~Cut or reduce caffeine before bedtime. Caffeine is another sleep enemy. I love my caffeine, but I cut it in the afternoon. Otherwise I know I will not go to sleep when I need to.

~A good mattress. With my husband in the mattress business, I know the importance of a good mattress. If your bed is not proper for your body type, it can cause you to toss and turn. Many keep mattresses too long as well. 8 years is the recommended time for a bed. My favorite mattress thus far has been Tempur-Pedic. It sleeps perfect, never too hot and the comfort is out of this world!!!

Supplements are another weapon against the war on sleep loss…

~Multi-Vitamin.¬†Your nutrition can make or break you when it comes to not only your health and fitness goals, but your sleep and overall health goals as well. Nutrient shortages affect your sleep and leave you with a feeling of fatigue. Two key ingredients are Magnesium and Calcium. Both aid with fatigue and stress. A good multi-vitamin in key to making sure all your micro-nutrient needs are met. I LOVE Saturn Supplement’s One-Source. It is the strongest multi-vitamin pack on the market! You get everything you need and it is in a perfect pre-packaged packet. No fumbling several bottles or messing with a pill box. Just grab a fresh packet and go!


~Melatonin.¬†Melatonin is a natural, non-addicting hormone supplement that assists with sleep. It does need to be taken properly. It works great to get you to sleep and it also aids with jet-lag. As you age, your melatonin levels drop, so your body may need assistance in getting a good nights rest.¬†Saturn’s Melatonin is the perfect remedy for individuals seeking to optimize restfulness through sleep, or as a remedy for jet-lag. Their version of Melatonin comes in the form of a micro-size sublingual tablet-simply place under your tongue and feel it dissolve almost instantaneously.


~Ginkgo Biloba. It’s not only natures memory herb, but studies have been done to link this supplement to better quality sleep. Ginkgo Biloba aids in reducing anxiety and stress, which we all know are a common factor of sleeplessness.¬†Ginkgo Biloba is being used throughout the world by individuals seeking is many nutritional benefits, including mental acuity. The Ginkgo tree, one of nature’s oldest living species, is known to possess a wide range of therapeutic properties.
Saturn’s encapsulated formulation offers a pure standardized extract of Flavoneglycosides harvested directly from the leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba tree.

Ginkgo Biloba

~Fats and Fish Oils.¬†DHA can protect against the negative effects of fructose on your brain function. It can also help improve your sleep.¬† Omega-3s have been shown to improve mood and reduce anxiety and depression. As well as improve insulin sensitivity and muscle growth. ¬†Saturn’s Cholest-Omega provides a premium marine lipid concentrate of fish oil. Fish oils contain a wealth of nutrients including an essential blend of EPA and DHA Omega 3.
Nutritional science has shown that essential fatty acids (EFAs) offer more and more heath benefits. Omega 3 has become a standard in today’s heart, joint and brain dietary and nutritional programs, as well as sleep improvements.
Saturn’s Cholest-Omega is produced from pharmaceutical grade fish oil. All Impurities have been removed through a special series of processes to provide your body with the purest concentration of Omega 3 fish oil.


Taking the steps to a better night’s sleep will have you seeing more results in no time. Not to mention, improve your daily functions as well as your mood ūüėČ Get powered by Saturn Supplements use code 25YEARS to get 25% off your total order!!!

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Let’s Kick This Monday In The Face!!!! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day!

It’s Monday! Let’s do this!!!!

I am more than ready to start this week. As I posted over the weekend, I had one bad day last week. I am not beating myself up over it. I am back on track and excited for progress!!!! Let’s kick the week off right with some Lady Swole Monday…

Hope you all are as stoked as I am to start this week! Let’s not only chase our dreams, let’s catch them!!!

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1st Week Of Prep Recap & A Happy Mother’s Day! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Made it through my first week of prep, but not with flying colors….

I was invited last minute to a get together to watch the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight. It was the first time I had met my husband’s boss and co-workers and to be honest the first time I was able to get out with socialize with grown ups, that wasn’t a gym setting ha ha. ¬†I prepped my food and was determined to stay on track. Everyone was having drinks and I wanted to as well, so I did. I felt horrible the next day, not from the alcohol intake, but because I cheated on my prep the 2nd day in. I dusted myself off and decided that it was okay. I am human after all. I got right back on track and finished the week strong!.

The week was hard! My training has been much more grueling. When we wrote it out, I did not think it would be much different than the training I was doing, but man when you add speed and less rest to everything….WOWZERS!!! My training definitely whooped my butt!!!! I am happy that my first week was rough. This made me sit down and realize how much I really want to achieve my goals. It made the picture more clear. These moments will make me what I want to be.

I feel stronger now and ready. These next two days are my rest days. I welcome them ha ha ha. I am sore and tired, but still very motivated.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. My husband gave me the greatest gift anyone ever could. He gave me the gift of a child. Becoming a mother has been such a blessing. I won’t say it’s always easy, but it is always worth it! Zoe has been in the sunshine both of our lives needed.


I cherish every moment with her. Everyday is a new adventure. I hope everyone looks at motherhood the way I do. It’s not a job to me, it is a gift. I celebrate motherhood. If you have been blessed to be called mom, mommy, mama, mum, mother, etc. Congratulations on your blessings xoxoxo

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Peanut Butter NitroPro-tein Cookies #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

 Even with flexible dieting, I do still have issues fitting in certain foods that I love during prep. I seek out ways to create new ones with more manageable macros. Yesterday was my low carb day, so I wanted to try a Peanut Butter NitroxPro-tein Cookie. Low carbs, but plenty of fat and protein.


I am SO happy with the way these turned out! The these delectable morsels are super manageable. Just 99 kcals per cookie. The macros are as follows: 3.1g Carbs, .7g Fiber, 5.6g Fat, and a huge 9.7g Protein

They are also very easy to make. For 1 Dozen cookies, you will need a small/medium bowl, 90g Saturn Supplement’s NitroxPro Vanilla Protein, 130g Creamy Peanut Butter, 1 Whole Egg (Mine was a Med), a pinch of salt, 3 Tbsp of Water, and an oven preheated to 350 degrees.

Start by measuring out each ingredient in the bowl. I started with the protein and worked my way through the list.




Once you have all the ingredients together, start mixing till it looks like cookie dough. The whole batch weighed out to 310g.


I dusted my hands with corn starch before rolling into balls. The dough is super sticky!


I weighed each ball out to 25g The recipe will make 12.


Once rolled out, place them on a non stick cookie sheet and press down with a fork, criss crossed in the traditional peanut butter cookie way. ( I dipped the fork in corn starch as well)DSC_7538

Place them in the preheated oven for 8 mins. Allow them to cool when done, then enjoy!


NitroxPro is one of the best quality and affordable proteins on the market. Vanilla is hands down my favorite flavor. It is perfect for not only shakes, but for many of my contest prep baked goodies! With a whooping 41g of protein per serving, it truly is hard to beat!


Use code 25YEARS to get 25% off your total order!!!!

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Enlarge Your Vision…Happy Monday #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse @SaturnMuscle

It’s Monday! Time to enlarge your vision!!!

Prep has started and so far, so great! I was a little worried about the weekend. Mainly because I am accustomed to eating a ton, especially carbs. My High carb days are relatively easy. Carbs and protein are the same as what I was consuming on my bulk. The only difference is my fat was lowered. My low to no carb days….different story ha ha Protein and Fats were raised, but carbs were little to none, which drops my calories for those days. Figuring out a healthy balance and getting creative again with my foods helps a lot. ¬†Today is not only a high carb day, but the beginning of another stellar week!!!! As always, let’s kick it off with a little lady Swole Monday….

I am ready to make this week count! Are you????

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Food Prep & Beginning Contest Prep Stats #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

As you may already know, yesterday was the start of my contest prep.

I woke up early, excited about starting the next level of my journey. I spent my morning prepping food. Josh is dieting with me, so the protein needed between the two of us is outrageous ha ha ha. Lot’s of eggs, chicken, fish, and beef. Mmm mmm good ūüėČ


Training was harder than I had anticipate. I was seriously just wiped after my workout. My cardio of choice was sled pushes. I loaded a 45lb plate on and started sprinting as hard as I could. Carrying the extra weight on my body, definitely had me hurting afterwards I did 5 rounds and was done. Much more fun than doing HIIT on the treadmill though. CLICK HERE to watch me in action ūüėČ

As promised, I am posting my starting weight, measurements, and photo. I am thicker, but still loving my body. I have grown so much in the off season. Not just physically, but mentally as well. I learned to love myself no matter the size and to totally trust the process.


My starting weight is 163 lbs.

Bust/Lats 40.25 inches

Waist 33 inches

Hips 38 inches

Rump 41 inches

Thighs 21 inches

Biceps Flexed 14 inches

Stoked to see the changes over the next 4 weeks. I decided this prep to not post everything every week, but rather every month. This process will be long, but so worth it! I appreciate all the support I have gotten so far, from my family, readers, friends, Saturn Supplements, and most of all my husband. he has been my rock, since this journey started in 2010. It is amazing how far I have come with my self esteem and self love. I truly think that is part of the key to success. Love yourself, trust the process and do the work! I hope you continue to follow me back to the stage this year! I know it will be an epic event!!!

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It’s Time To Get Lean! Welcome May!!! #BuiltBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I welcome this month with open arms!!!!

This is going to be an awesome month for so many reasons. I have a ton of goals I need/want to accomplish. I have said it time and time again, if you have a goal, make a plan, make yourself accountable by sharing it with someone, or everyone! You can do anything. Will it be easy? No, probably not, but it will be worth it! Start NOW!!!!!

My prep officially starts today! I am so excited, because I know I have built a substantial amount of muscle this off season and I can’t wait to see it all chiseled!!!

Goal 1~ Get My Nutrition On Track & Stay On Track.¬†I have my prep diet laid out and ready to go! I am switching today to a new macro tracking app, since the news that MyFitnessPal want to charge an outrageous monthly fee for being able to adjust my macros manually. This one is free on Android. It’s called Calorie Counter Macros, by JProductions. I am excited about this app, because with my new plan, I will be carb cycling. This app will allow me to have each day adjusted where I need it for FREE! My biggest obstacle now, will be to get my nutrition focus back. With my off season, I had days where I did go over on macros and splurged a bit. Not all the time, but enough ha ha. I need to get back to being strict. I don’t think it will be very hard, because I am determined and I do practice flexible dieting. So, let the prep begin!!!¬†

Goal 2~ Utilize Different Types Of Cardio. This will be HUGE for me. Mainly because I loathe doing any type of cardio. Running kills my shins (Shin splints) and LISS is long and boring. My gym has recently added extra goodies that I have started implementing into my training. Things like weighted sleds and battle ropes. I am a big fan of the battle ropes!!! They work you like no other and are a stellar form of cardio. I have fun with them!!!

Goal 3~ Posing Till Perfect.¬†Posing was a weakness last year and i will be damned if I make the same mistakes twice!!! Main focus on my posing is to get it down by feel, rather than by sight. Last year I depended on mirrors to know when I hit my poses, so when I was on stage without them I was solely going by feel. Problem was, I apparently didn’t know what to feel for. Sometimes I nailed my pose, other times I botched it bad. It did not go unnoticed by the judges and was the reason I placed lower. That is okay! I am learning ūüėČ This year I will make sure I am nailing the poses every time!!! On top of being able to nail the pose, NPC Utah has an extra rule thrown in. They have a timer on stage for the solo walks. I have to not only nail my poses, but do it in 15 secs gracefully and with poise. LOTS and LOTS of practice ahead!!!¬†

Goal 4~ More Contest Purchases.¬†Like I said last month, the more I buy ahead of time, the easier it will be when we get closer to contest time. I need more make-up, hair extension supplies, odd and ends for backstage, some jewelry to match my suit, crystals for my suit, a backstage outfit, and nail supplies. in all honesty, it’s not that much. I have quite a bit from last year that I will be reusing. I am going for a different look this year. ūüėȬ†

Goal 5~ Zoe’s Birthday Cake Planning.¬†If you have been following me for a while, you know that I go all out on Zoe’s birthday cake. This year is her 5th birthday. I can’t believe she is already 5!!! She has told me what theme she wants (Monster High), so now I just need to design the cake to be made next month. I love baking and decorating. This year’s cake will be less stressful, since it won’t be made around competition time ha ha ha. Last year’s cake has been my favorite so far!


Goal 6~ Make Zoe’s Birthday Movie.¬†Ever since her 1st birthday, I compile all the year’s photos into a movie for her. It’s a great way to look back on the year and see how much she has grown. Plus, it’s an awesome way for far away family and friends to catch up on what they have missed. It does take quite a bit of time to put together. Mainly because motherhood has made me sensitive ha ha ha I spend a lot of time reminiscing and my eyes tend to get leaky ha ha ha.

Yep eyes are leaky. gets me in the feels every time ha ha

Goal 7~ Start Implementing Small Steps To Start Our First Venture. 

Goal 8~ Start Implementing Small Steps To Our Second Business Venture. This is a much bigger venture for both of us. It will be something we will constantly working towards. This one will also be kept secret for quite some time. This venture is in the planning/goal building stage. It is something we want to start in 5-10 years. We know what we want and we will push till we get it! 


Goal 9~ Continue To Make Zoe Be The Best She Can Be!¬†Her lesson plans are so in depth now. It’s crazy how we went from flash cards, tracing, and coloring to adding, subtracting, spelling, and reading. She absorbs so much in such a short time. I love our lesson time and wouldn’t trade it for the world!!! I also want to make sure she can always be herself. Something that my mom was scared to let me do. I think it is a common reaction for most parents to want their child to be the ideal mini image of them. Zoe is independent and unique. I want her to embrace that. It is something I have no desire to change. Even though we butt heads sometimes, I LOVE her strong willed personality. I want to show her things and let her figure out how to do them herself. I want her to be self reliant and confident in all she does!!!¬†

Hope you all have set your bar high this month! I am ready to not only conquer my goals, but maybe even set extra ones along the way ūüėČ It is officially contest season! I am ready to win!

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April Goal Conquered! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

April has been an awesome month! It was the final month of my bulk, we got to visit with Josh’s parents, as well as plan out new goals for our future. Been exciting to say the least. I had started the month with many goals set. Let’s see how I fared…

Goal 1~ Make This Month EPIC!¬†My main focus this month was finishing strong. I was excited about finally shedding the fluff, but I did not want that feeling to prevent me from pushing the limits, as well as continuing to eat enough. As I stated throughout my bulk, it messes with your mind. You go from being ripped and fitting awesome in all your clothes, to being thick and having to wear your gym clothes more, because that’s all that fits. Obviously, it’s not like that for everyone. I bulked for about 10 months and some days went well over my calorie intake limits ūüėČ I can honestly say I indulged and enjoyed all the food ha ha ha ha. I most definitely hit some HUGE PR’s this month! I will continue to try for PR’s in my prep.¬†

Goal 2~ Plan Out My Prep Training.¬†You already know I did this ūüėČ I actually posted it either last week or the week before. CLICK HERE to check it out. ¬†I am excited about my training this year. It will be similar to my off season training, just faster, a little lighter, and with some fine tuning movements as well.¬†

Goal 3~ Plan Out My Prep Diet. This is also already set in place. I posted it yesterday CLICK HERE to check it out. I am excited about it as well. The way I have it set up will allow me to keep my calories higher for most of my prep. It will also allow me to reduce the amount of muscle loss that is common in prep and possibly still continue to build. 

Goal 4~ Strike A Pose.¬†My training hasn’t been the only thing I have been thinking about in my off season. Posing was something that was lackluster for me last year. I have been improving on it everyday. 30-60 min practices daily on top of my training. Most days my posing makes me more sore than my actual training does. It has been a huge focus for me and will continue to be. I do feel that I have made huge strides. The hardest part is posing without a mirror. What you think you look like, is not always the case. Knowing what the pose feels like has been my biggest obstacle and I am conquering it!¬†

Goal 5~ Start Making Small Contest Purchases. Competing can get very expensive. I have been doing my best to keep the budget tight on everything. From making my own suit to using coupons and finding stellar deals on make-up. Making some of the small purchases now, will keep us from having to come out of pocket for everything all at once. I have purchased quite a bit of my make-up so far. Still some thing left to get, but all are cheap. 

Goal 6~ Hair, Make-up, and Nails.¬†The planning for my make-up and nails is done. I know exactly what I want and how to execute it. I have not figured out my hair just yet. Mainly because I think I want to do extensions this year, but obviously not pay a huge amount. Talking with another friend of mine who also competes, I discovered that clip in extensions are quite cheap and easy to make, so I have yet another project to work on ūüėČ Should be fun ha ha ha. It’s hard to be a girl ha ha ha¬†

Goal 7~¬†Business¬†Plan.¬†We actually sat down and did two. Crazy, but after talking about short term goals and what we want, we both discovered we have the same long term dream. We sat down and hashed out not only my smaller and near future business plan, but also one that will happen in 5-10 years. We are building our empire. We are chasing a dream that we have both had for quite a while. Both trusting God to guide us and give us wisdom. It’s a very exciting time for us!!!¬†

Goal 8~ Keep Zoe On Track.¬†This goal is never difficult. Zoe loves her lesson time and I love it too! It is our bonding time. She is rockstar with everything I teach her. I believe true love comes in educating your child for the future. As much as i would love to hold her hand through life, I wouldn’t be doing her any favors. Showing her how to do everything on her own and learn confidence and independence, that is a mother’s love!

I hope you all have pushed yourselves beyond your limits in April. Let’s start a new month strong and ready to conquer anything!!!!

Build With The Power Of The Universe

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Prep Starts Friday…Game Plan Is Set! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

My contest prep starts on Friday. As I have said several times, I am SO excited to start leaning out!!!

This year, I have a different game plan. I have spent the off season working really hard to build as much muscle as possible. We all know, that is a difficult task for women. Last year I cut calories and did a ton of cardio. This year I am trying my best to keep my calories higher and do minimal cardio. I am not a fan of cardio, so if I can get out of it, it’s a great thing ha ha ha. My game plan this year will be carb cycling.

Yes, imagine it will be like this on some days ha ha ha ha. I do love my carbs ūüėČ There is no cookie cutter method to losing fat. This is the method I want to try this year. Carb cycling, not only aids in weight loss, but also helps you maintain strength, muscle, and possible still build some. There are two ways I have read to do it. One is have high, moderate, and low days. the other is high, low, and no carb days. I decided to go with that option. Most seem to have less high days, but I decided, especially with it being the beginning of my prep, to have 3. You rotate the days to accommodate your training. For me personally, my high days will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Those are my heavy lifting days. With Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday being my low days, since I either do not lift heavy, or they are just a cardio day. Saturday will be my no carb day, because it is always my rest day.

Monday High

Tuesday Low

Wednesday High

Thursday Low

Friday High

Saturday No

Sunday Low

With Carb cycling, your higher days almost act as refeed days. Your hormones, t3, and leptin levels raise naturally which aids in fat loss. On your low days, your calories are lower, so your body starts using it’s fat reserves for energy. These days I will probably do LISS to help burn more. As I get further into prep, I may or may not adjust how many high days I have. I may add moderate days. It all depends on how my body will react to the changes.

  High Carb Days:

  • stimulate an insulin response that moves nutrients in your muscle cells, causing them to grow
  • replenish glycogen stores that fuel your muscles
  • make you feel energized

Low Carb Days:

  • promotes fat loss by tricking your body into burning fat for fuel (instead of the sugar from the carbs it would normally get)
  • keeps your body more receptive to insulin, improving your body‚Äôs muscle-building response

Initially, I was intimidated by the idea of carb cycling. I had first heard about it when I did Jaime Eason’s LiveFit program back in 2011. I had skipped that part, because it seemed very complicated. Last year, same thing, the idea of trying to track my macros differently everyday seemed very difficult. To be honest, I had never really researched how to carb cycle, nor it’s benefits.

Learning what is going to work for me is what I am experimenting with now. On high days, fat grams are lowered and vice versa. I have calculated mine this way….

High days: Carbohydrates 2g per lb

Protein 1g per lb

Fat .15g per lb

Keeping my fiber at 30g

So my macros will look like this

2136 Kcals, 320g Carbs, 160g Protein, 24g Fat

Low days: Carbohydrates .5g per lb

Protein 1.5g per lb

Fat .35g per lb

Keeping my fiber count at 15g

Macros will be 1784 Kcals, 80g Carbs, 240g Protein, 56g Fat

No Carb days: Carbohydrates 30g or less

Protein 1.5g per lb

Fat .5g per lb

Fiber will not be an issue on this day

Macros will be 1800 Kcals, 30g or less Carbs, 240g Protein, 80g Fat

Just as I always do, the bulk of my carbs (about 70%) will be eaten pre and post workout.

After 3 weeks, I will take 1 week off and keep my macro moderate.

1920 Kcals, 160g Protein, 224g Carbs, 25g Fiber, 43g Fat

I am excited to not only try a new approach, but to see how it works!!!

Have you ever carb cycled?

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Fat Burning Powerhouse Supplements #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

It’s that time of year again… my contest prep officially starts on Friday.

Calories will be cut and carbs will be cycled. I will post my nutrition plan this week ūüėČ Dieting down can be difficult. It takes strong discipline and will power, especially when getting closer to competition time. Being in a calorie deficit can leave you feeling weaker and tired most days. We all know that there is no easy way to lose fat. Your nutrition has to be on point, but there are several fat fighting supplements that do help with not only fat loss, but energy boosts when you combo them with proper diet and exercise.

~Caffeine~  Boosts your metabolism slightly, which in turn gives you energy and burns fat.

~Green Tea~ Increases levels of hormones that communicate to your fat cells to break down fat. This releases fat into the bloodstream and makes it available as energy.

~L-Carnitine~ This super amino not only aids in fat loss, but also with recovery and performance.

~CLA~ Or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It is an Omega-6 essential fatty acid that reduces body fat in a similar way that Green Tea does.

~Cayenne Pepper~ Gives your body an all natural thermogenic boost.

~Coleus Forskohlii~ A member of the mint family. It boosts an enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase which burns fat.

~L-Tyrosine~ Another super amino that increases thermogenesis, is a mood manager (reducing stress and depression), as well as suppresses your appetite.

~Thiamine~ Also known as Vitamin B1 aids in turning carbohydrates into energy.

This would be a lot of supplements to take individually. Luckily, Saturn Supplements has taken all of these natural supplements and formulated them in several fat burning powerhouses.

I will start with Saturn’s CLA¬†. This was developed for individuals seeking a pharmaceutical grade, high potency source of this amazing omega-6 fatty acid. Certain fats are vital to numerous functions in the body, including metabolism. CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a natural free fatty acid that has an impact on body weight loss and muscle tone.CLA is being used today by athletes and health-minded individuals alike for its role in fitness, weight loss and nutrition. Proven effective on many accounts, CLA can help put you one step closer to achieving a healthier and more toned physique.


Saturn’s Thermosene Burning Force¬†contains the fat burning powerhouse green tea, cayenne pepper, and caffeine. It¬†has been specially formulated from the finest ingredients to provide an easy-feeling, yet highly effective thermo-energizer. This unique combination of ingredients is a result of the application of current nutritional understanding to a long held natural pharmacopoeia.¬†Thermosene’s advanced ephedra-free formula helps you achieve a leaner, more physically fit physique, while assisting with metabolism, neutralizing appetite, and increasing energy levels naturally.

Thermosene Burning Force

Saturn’s REDz also contains green tea, cayenne pepper, L-carnitine, and caffeine, but also¬†has been enhanced with the addition of Green Coffee Bean Extract & Raspberry Ketones. REDz has been specially formulated from the finest ingredients to provide an easy-feeling, yet highly effective thermo-energizer. REDz Ephedra-Free formula helps you achieve a leaner, more physically fit physique, while assisting with metabolism, neutralizing appetite, and increasing energy levels naturally.


Last but certainly not least, my favorite is Saturn’s Lipo-Ex. Lipo-Ex contains caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Thiamin, and Coleus Forskohlli. It¬†is an Ultra-Pure synergistic complex designed to enhance the body’s natural powder to utilize, energize and metabolize. Each serving provides your body with a premium blend of the most advanced power-charged ingredients which take on an immediate effect. They have made the addition of several supporting minerals to further enhance the effectiveness of this formula. This is my favorite, because I get tons of energy from it, I feel the thermogenic effects, and it suppresses my appetite.


When paired with proper nutrition and training program, the results are amazing! If you are looking for that extra boost, look no further. Saturn Supplement’s has you covered!!!

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Start Strong, Finish Stronger #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse @SaturnMuscle

Monday might be my favorite day of the week. It is a day to start refreshed and try again.

I do my best to view life in a positive manner. I spent much time around negative people and it wore on me for many years. It is hard to get out of that mindset, but man when you do, life becomes happier and so much more bearable. Get rid of the negative thoughts that hold you back. Replace them with positive ones. It can be hard at first. Like anything, once you do it enough, it becomes your routine.

This is the last week of my bulk. I have been enjoying myself, but also getting my mind right for prep. It can be difficult at times, especially in the beginning. I need to get my mind and body ready. I am motivated to finish my bulk strong. I want to hit as many PR’s this week as possible!!! Let’s start the week right with some Lady Swole Monday host by my girl Hope “Smallwonder” Trask She will be competing next weekend, so best of luck to her! Although I don’t think she will need it ūüėČ She is bringing her best physique yet!!!

Now let’s kick this week’s a$$! Start and finish strong, dream big, achieve your goals!!!

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5 Fatigue Fighting Supplements You Need In Your Training Arsenal #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Intense training can leave you feeling run down and drained.

Fatigue can be a killer to a good workout. There are many key factors as to why fatigue will set in.

~ Environmental Fatigue ~ Lack of sleep, Jet lag, Stress, etc. We all know that these factors will cause you to need more rest.

~ Local Muscular Fatigue ~ This is caused by insufficient energy to power you through high intensity workouts and increased levels of muscular discomfort.

~ Neural Fatigue ~ Your muscles can recover quickly, but your central nervous system takes a bit more time after an intense training.

~ Neuroendocrine Fatigue ~ Also known as Chronic Fatigue. This is caused typically  associated with psychosocial factors, such as depression, sleep disorder, anxiety, and coping style.

 If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue, you should definitely seek the help of a physician.

For the rest, here are some fatigue fighting, energy releasing, power packed supplements to help fuel your body for the intense training you endure.

BCAA’s ¬†Also known as Branch Chain Amino Acids. BCAA’s reduce the amount of¬†tryptophan that enters the brain. Once tryptophan enters the brain, it is converted to¬†serotonin. When you train hard your serotonin levels rise and you begin to feel fatigue. BCAA’s during and after your training will not only reduce that feeling, but help you up your intensity during training. Saturn Supplement’s Aminos Pump 50000¬†is an easy-to-digest soluble concentrated amino-protein formula enriched with a powerful ratio of BCAA’s, Nitric Oxide and a full spectrum of Pharma-Engineered predigested amino acids that can be quickly and efficiently utilized by the body. It is my choice for during and post workout.

Amino Pump 50000

Creatine¬†This supplement is typically associated with just size and strength gains, but it is also awesome for supplying your body with extra energy. It also allows you to recover more quickly between sets, as well as, push harder during your set. Creatine Phosphate which is a high energy molecule stores in your muscle cells and ensures that your muscles will not prematurely fatigue. Saturn Supplement’s Creatine Silk provides the body with the most technologically advanced powder form available.

Creatine Silk

Citrulline and¬†Caffeine¬†Citrulline is an amino acid that that is known to increase blood flow. When amino acids are metabolized, your body produces ammonia. Citrulline is perfect, because it removes ammonia from your body. This improves energy and stamina. Caffeine, the most obvious supplement for energy, does help fight fatigue. It also fights pain and boosts strength. It stimulates the central nervous system which is helpful when lifting heavy. It also allows fat to be burned more efficiently during training, which leaves more muscle glycogen and greater training energy. When paired together, you have a powerhouse of energy!¬†Saturn’s PUMP’D 4 Performance¬†provides the body with a surge of energizing fuel. Each serving contains the perfect ratio of Agmatine Sulfate, Nitric Oxide, L-Citrulline and L-Taurine and is combined with Caffeine and other supporting energy-actives, making this the most intense pre-workout formula available.

PUMPD'4 Performance

CoQ10¬†Last, but certainly not least. CoQ10 has a lot of benefits. One being it boosts your energy from a cellular level. It’s¬† primary function is in mitochondria, the energy factory of cells. Food is broken down as energy for the body. CoQ10 is the carrier that deliver the energy packed electrons to provide your body with that power punch it needs!


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Wake Up, Kick A$$, Repeat! Happy Monday!!! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!

Just under 2 weeks left of this bulk. I have family in town, so I am going to enjoy the week with them and not worry too much about going over on my macros. We will still be hitting the gym daily and putting in work. I am so very motivated. Let’s get you motivated too ūüėČ As always, I kick things off with a little Lady Swole Monday….

Time to get in the gym and show ’em what we are made of! Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

Build With The Power Of the Universe 
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