Weekly Check In…Overcoming Off Season Discouragements

weekly check in

Some weeks I feel discouraged. Typically around shark week. Ha!!! I know I am hormonal, which makes me pick myself apart. It is probably the worst time for me, self esteem wise. This is the time I kick my own butt! There is no room for doubt. There is no room for negativity. There is only room for improvement!!!

I will not get where I am wanting to go, by beating myself up. Bulking can be frustrating, because you are slowly watching yourself gain. After taking so long to figure out HOW to lose, it’s hard to convince myself to gain it back ha ha. I knew going into this bulk that I was going to go through this at some point. It really is a mind game, but just another hurdle I am going to have to get over.

I know how to lose the extra fluff this time around. I know that gaining some fat is just part of the process that I am going to accept, because I have to! There is no choice in the matter. To grow I have to gain! I am actually proud of myself, because last bulk I gained a lot of fat and gained it fast. It was not a controlled bulk. This time I have more control and am monitoring things much more closely. This is also probably why it gets to me more ha ha. I see more of the gains every week in writing which can be discouraging. Seems this week I am more bothered by photos. Up until this point I have only had to take a few pics of each pose. My usual reasoning for not liking a photo is my posing (which is something I am still working on ha ha ha) This week my belly really got to me. I found myself taking photo, after photo, after photo, after photo, before I realized it wasn’t going to change anything. I am just fluffy ha ha ha. I keep in mind what one of the judges said and that was “You WILL gain fat in the process, do NOT let it hold you back!” I’m not going to let ANYTHING hold me back from my goals no my dreams! I will NEVER SETTLE!!!

My Macros are staying the same. I am seeing the same gains every week, so there is no need to tweak them at all. This week my measurements also all stayed the same. The only change was in my weight, which obviously changed my caliper reading as well.

Last week to this week….

Weight 135.6 to 137.2

Waist 28

Stomach 30.5

Thighs L 19 1/2 R 19 1/2

Calves L 13 1/2 R 13 1/2

Arms L 12 1/2 R 12 1/2

Chest/Lats 39

Rump 36 1/2

Calipers/LBM  117.2/112 to 17.9/112

It’s like I have said  before, I want to keep this process as real as possible. From the frustrations to the joys. There aren’t many who post their off seasons gains, at least not like they do their prep. I understand why ;-) It is hard to put yourself out there like this. This is week 7 of my bulk and I have a very long way to go, but I am ready!

PicsArt_1410908263308I had some ask when I plan on competing again? It will not be till the fall of 2015, for several reasons. Obvious one is I need to bulk up quite a bit more. Another is we are concentrating on Josh’s job right now and getting his goals accomplished. He too has big dreams ;-) and as his wife I need to be as supportive as possible! After all he has been my biggest supporter ;-)

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It’s Monday You Know What That Means….

Happy Monday! I am ready to get this week going and grow, grow, grow!!!!!

I am seeing great results thus far and need to keep the momentum up! Let’s get motivated ;-) As always, I kick the week off with Lady Swole Monday. You can check out all the ladies who participate by CLICKING HERE

Let’s get the week started shall we ;-) Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxo Be sure to click on my Giveaways Tab to get entered to win the Saturn Supplements One-Source Multi-Vitamins!!!!

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Micronutrients…Why Multi-Vitamins Are Important #Giveaway @SaturnMuscle

 You all know that I meticulously count my macros daily. Micros often get over looked by many. Micronutrients are just as important as your Macronutrients. Many who neglect their micros end up with vitamin deficiencies that lead to many health problems.

I find that many of my friends and family who do get sick a lot or have various issues, don’t take vitamins. many think they aren’t necessary. I personally believe that if more took them, they would be able to feel the difference and their quality of life would improve. Let’s face it, most doctors are more about making money over truly helping their patients. Prescription drugs will often be given over vitamins. Even though, many of the ailments could be resolved with just an increase of a certain vitamin/mineral.

I am adamant about making sure my family is healthy. Goodness knows I can not track their vitamin/mineral intake daily. Being able to hand them what they need via supplements form gives me the peace of mind that they will be healthy, no matter what their food choices ;-)  Zoe takes Saturn Supplements Children’s Yummy-Vites They look like gummie bears and she loves the taste! They are full of the micronutrients she needs to keep her healthy and happy.They are also naturally sourced in both flavor and color which is important to me.

Children's Yummy-Vites

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Weekly Check In #WorkInProgress @SaturnMuscle #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse

Before I start with my weekly check in, I want to say that I remember September 11, 2001 I remember that day clearly and the fear, anger, and how heavy my heart was that day. I remember those who lost their lives. How the world seemed to stop in it’s tracks and everyone was glued to their televisions. I remember the victims families and the pain they must have felt . I remember praying. Today is a day of memorial. A day to lift this country up in prayer. United We Stand…. I remember…

weekly check in

I will not lie, the past week has been difficult to say the least! First Zoe got sick, I immediately followed, then Josh. Any mother knows it is hard enough to have a sick child, add a sick hubby and be sick yourself = a very rough time!!!! We all had the same virus. Basically the worse cold any of us have ever had. I took Friday and Saturday off from the gym. Used the apartment gym on Sunday. Then back to the regular gym Monday. Here it is Thursday, and I am STILL feeling a bit out of sorts. Slowly but surely I will kick this!!! Heck I don’t really have a choice, I’M A MOMMY ha ha ha ha

no sick days for mom

Between the meds and soups, my belly was not feeling much better than my head. I got super bloat and my weight went up 6lbs. Crazy right!?!?! It finally went back down yesterday. It did throw me off a bit though ha ha I was like how the heck did that happen??? Hence the fact I waited an extra day to post my weekly check in ;-) Here is this week’s stats….

Last week to this week….

Macros are still staying the same. I am gaining the way I wanted to. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Weight 134.8 to 135.6

Waist 27.5 to 28

Stomach 30.5 to SAME

Thighs L 19 1/2 R 19 1/2 to SAME

Calves L 13 1/2 R 13 1/2 to SAME

Rump 35 1/2 to 36 1/2

Arms L 12 1/2  R 12 1/2 to SAME

Chest/Lats 39 to SAME Calipers/LBM 17.9/110  to  17.2/112

* Note keep in mind that calipers are NOT accurate. I use it just to get a good estimate on where I stand

My six pack is officially in hibernation ha ha ha I am in all honesty fine with it. I originally thought that once I started putting on visible weight, that I might freak out a bit, but I actually feel good about things right now. I am pretty proud to say I am very comfortable in my skin!!!! It only took 35 years ha ha ha ha


It has been something that I have worked on for so long! Happy to say that Zoe has been paying close attention and she is loving herself too. That means more to me than anything! I never want her to feel bad about herself. I constantly tell her that other people’s opinions do not matter as long as she loves herself. She loves my no OUR weekly check in days ;-)


In week #6 of my bulk, I finally feel like I am seeing some real progress! My delts and back look to be growing :-) Those are the two areas I have set most of my focus on and I am happy with what I am seeing so far! This year is going to be really exciting, if I continue to work and grow like I have been. This week’s progress pic has me more motivated than ever!!! Especially after being so sick ;-)


I am focused and do not plan on settling. 2015 will be an amazing competition year and I am ready to bring a bigger and better package!!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxoxo

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So Your Fitness Challenge Is Over…Now What???

With the rise of all of the 21, 30, and 90 day challenges. The question rises, What about the other 344, 335, and 275 days of the year?

Many spend a fortune on these programs. Sold to them by family and friends with the promise of achieving their dream bodies. The unfortunate thing is that these programs in most cases do more harm than good. They teach eating very few calories (most cases I have seen have been dangerously low) NOTE I personally do NOT know the nutrition plan for any of these “challenges” I am basing this off of friends and family who have told me what their personal diet was, living on a liquid diet, telling people that there are good/bad foods creating an eating disorder of sorts, making people believe that losing weight is only done with taking pills, cleanses, etc. Once the challenges are over, yes some do see a drop in weight/inches. Most is water weight/muscle loss. Most also go back to their normal habits which in turn causes a rebound in weight gain. Therefore right back to square one, or worse one step further back.

It a vicious cycle. In all honesty, I have been victim to it several times. Everyone knows my views on MLM businesses and this post is NOT about that. This is about breaking the cycle. It’s about maintaining a lifestyle that is realistic. If you like doing fitness DVD’s from your living room, I think that is awesome!!! You are doing something you enjoy that IS benefiting you!!! I am certainly NOT trying to bash anyone’s fitness journey xoxo What I want to do is educate.

FACT: Calorie deficit = Weight loss

You can work your butt off, but if you are eating those calories back, you will either maintain or gain weight. With that being said, you can eat too little as well. If you stay in a calorie deficit for too long or put your body into starvation mode, your metabolism will stall out or plateau. I understand the want to be lean, but I also understand the importance of being healthy. Especially being a mom! It is frustrating to see so many posts on social media of tiny meals barely hitting 200 calories. People posting how certain foods are bad. I am the first to say I am totally guilty of doing this in the past. Ex. I have said in the past that fruit should be limited because of sugar content. *Insert foot here* ha ha ha Looking back I realize how ridiculous that sounds.

FACT: Carbs nor Fat will not make you fat

There is all this misinformation on certain macros. Carbs and fat are both essential parts of a your nutrition. Carbs are important not only to provide your body energy, but to replenish your glycogen store post workout. This increases your insulin, which is anabolic. This helps the protein synthesis process to refuel your muscles. Fats are important too. They also provide energy, but also help your body absorb important micro nutrients such as Vitamins A,K,E, and D through the bloodstream. Healthy hair, skin, and nails come from a diet with healthy fat levels.

CLICK HERE to read more about why Macro nutrients are so important *Stay educated*

There is an overload of information out there and it can get frustrating knowing what works, is healthy, etc. Research and trial and error is the best way to educate yourself! So many are looking for that quick fix. There is NO QUICK FIX. I guarantee you did not gain weight overnight, so it is silly to think you will lose at a fast rate. They call it a journey for a reason. ;-)

Point being, nutrition is key. There is nothing wrong with taking supplements. I take them daily to meet my micro and macro needs. I just want you all to stay educated and KNOW that you can achieve those goals by just eating the foods you love. Balance and moderation are the key elements that many seem to be overlooking. Be realistic with your lifestyle and always remember that little ears are listening and little eyes are watching xoxo. Challenge yourself not for a limited amount of time, but for a lifetime.

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxo

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No Excuses Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! I am not gonna lie, this week is starting off a bit rough. Still feeling a bit rough, but ready to work through it!!!! I will not allow anything to keep me from my goals. Let’s push ourselves! Let’s build a better package! Stop making excuses and just do work ;-)

Lady Swole Monday? Don’t mind if I do xoxo

I am ready to make this week MINE! What are YOU ready for?

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Sick Days…Listening To Your Body

What a weekend… I had anticipated a Family Fun day on Friday, but Zoe was sick and I was starting to feel it too.

I thought I would train Friday night in our apartment gym, but I just kept feeling worse as the day went on. By yesterday morning I was down for the count. Zoe was feeling much better! She said her daddy left her in charge when he left for work ha ha ;-) She did awesome trying to make me feel better. She is a great kiddo!!!!

Listening to your body is important no matter how much or little you train. My body was telling me to slow down and rest. I firmly believe that if I had pushed myself on Friday I would be down and out for longer. Feeling better this morning and will make up Friday’s training this evening when Josh gets home from work.

Had a hard time meeting my macros, but did manage to stay hydrated, which is also very important. Back on track today and ready to start my week strong! I know I have several messages that I haven’t replied to yet on my Facebook page. I promise you all have not been overlooked xoxo I will either get back to you or respond on here ;-)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! get ready for some awesome Motivation Monday!!! I also have a phenomenal giveaway coming up, so keep your eyes peeled for that news!!!!

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Week 5 Of Bulking Weekly Check In #BuiltBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

weekly check in

Feeling strong this week! A little fluffy ha ha but strong. Someone asked how I am feeling about the extra weight? Well, it does get frustrating at times. I think for any woman it is hard to see the scale go up and clothes start to fit tighter. With that being said, I know that it is necessary for muscle growth. It was actually stressed to me by one of the judges. She said, “Don’t be afraid to gain weight in the off season. You will never grow if you don’t.” To be honest, it has been easier than I thought. I really don’t mind the extra fluff right now.


Like I said yesterday, my back and delts will be what I am concentrating on most for the next few weeks. I really need to grow bigger shoulders and wider lats. I know it takes time and patience. Luckily, I have a year to make these improvements ;-) Even then, I know there will still be room to grow!!! One of the ladies I look up to, actually just went Pro last weekend, Nicole Phinney!!! Congratulations to her!!!! She has an amazing transformation. She took a year off between competitions to allow her body to rest and grow. She is proof that A. it takes time and B. that it can be done!

Her transformation makes me excited to see what I can build! This week  marks Week 5 of my bulk. I definitely feel like I am growing. My macros are the same. I am gaining with where they are set, so there is no need for adjustments.

Last week to this week….

Weight 133.8 to 134.8

Waist 27 to 27.5

Stomach 30 to 30.5

Thighs L19 R 19 to L19 1/2 R19 1/2

Calves L13 1/2 R13 1/2 to Same

Rump 35 to 35 1/2

Arms L12 1/2 R12 1/2 to Same

Chest/Lats 37 3/4 to 39

Calipers/LBM 17.9/109 to 17.9/110


I even tried on my competition suit to see if it still fit. It actually didn’t even feel snug surprisingly ha ha ha


My self esteem has been boosted so much since the competition. I feel comfortable in my own skin. Even with gaining and knowing that I will be getting bigger, I feel beautiful and strong. It helps having a husband who is so supportive ;-)

I am going to make the most of each week! Building a stronger, bigger, and better package.

I also have a winner of the STORMp3

Jennifer D.

Congratulations lady!!!! I have emailed you and look forward to getting your prize out to you xoxo

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Hello September! Let’s Set Some Goals #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle


August was a mental and emotional roller coaster. We have been more than ready for September! Bring on the cooler weather, hoodies, bonfires, colorful landscapes,  and hot chocolate!!!

I hope you have your goals ready for the month ;-) I plan to hit mine hard!!!!

A Goal

September Goals

Goal 1… Don’t forget to blog! I have been laxed on it since our move to the apartment. I love helping others and sharing what I have learned on my journey and I want to continue to do so.

Goal 2…Building a better back and delts. These are my weakest areas. I have decided to do a longer and heavier back session and do two delt sessions a week. I also have started incorporating light resistance band work on my lats and delts while at home watching tv with the family. From the research I have done, I have found that the term over training over used. It doesn’t happen as frequently or easily as many have claimed. I have found many interviews/articles with Dr Layne Norton about the subject. I need some pumpkin shoulders and some wings ;-)


Right is 18 weeks ago Left was yesterday morning. Different lighting and poses were a bit off. i feel my delts overall are slightly bigger and upper and middle back are thicker, but I need width in my lats and more development in my delts, so those will be my focus

Goal 3…Staying Hungry. Typically I am a very motivated person, but the past few weeks by Friday I am tanked. My body hurts and I am physically exhausted. So much so, that I have skipped a couple of training days. THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN!!!! This past Friday I overcame the urge to turn off my alarm. I laid in bed thinking about those who can not get up and do the things I do. Those who wish for another chance to be able to get up and achieve their dreams. Here I was lying in bed whining about being too tired and somewhere someone is lying awaking wishing to be able to walk. How selfish of me. Needless to say, I got my butt out of bed and killed it in the gym. I have dreams and I want to accomplish them! I need to make sure that I have that fire lit every morning no matter how I feel. Off days should be saved for when I REALLY need them, not days where I am just feeling lazy. I will never achieve my goals without doing the work!

Goal 4…Research and learn more about homeschooling for Zoe. I have always done lesson plans and have been working with Zoe since she could sit up. She is almost to school age. Josh and I have discussed it several times and decided that Zoe will be home taught. We move a lot and would hate to have to pull her out of school mid year. Plus there are so many benefits to home schooling. I was home taught for part of my high school education and I feel I benefited more from it. Anyway, there are so many ways to educate your child, that Josh and I want to make sure we are picking the best options for her. Before I can teach her ABC’s I need to learn mine ;-)

Goal 5… Helping Zoe stay motivated to accomplish her monthly goals. This is actually very easy to accomplish. Zoe loves writing out her goals each month and being able to check each one off the list. I am very proud of her and her determination to accomplish them all. Last month she had most the list done by the second week ha ha ha. Her excitement to learn and push herself is amazing!



This IS going to be a great month!!!! Hope you all have set the bar high and rock out those goals!!!

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Let’s Work The Weekend Off ;-) Motivation Monday #BuildWithThePowerOfTheUniverse @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous Labor day weekend ;-) It is a laid back weekend for Zoe and I. Josh works 12+ hours each day, the apartment pool is too busy to really enjoy ourselves, and the gym’s daycare is closed today. As much as I want to get into the gym today, it’s not gonna happen. Josh won’t be home till late, so I will have to double up training tomorrow. This means 2+ hours in the gym. I am gonna need the motivation this week!!!!! Let’s kick it off strong with Lady Swole Monday….

Gah I can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow!!!! Hope you all a have a fabulously fit day xoxo

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Despite The Stressful Month, I Smashed My Goals. How Did You Do? #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I went into August knowing that it was going to be a stressful month for our family….

Even though we had a lot going on, I made sure to do my best and concentrate on my goals. My goals were probably the only thing that kept me sane ha ha ha.

Goal One… Start my bulk. I am officially going into week 5 and I feel really confident about the process. My gains are slow, but I am closely monitoring them and know that this year I am on the right track! I am still constantly researching and learning ;-)

Goal Two…. Train as hard and heavy as possible, but leaving my ego at the door and being a stickler about form. I can not afford to take time off because of injury. This is why form is so very important. I also want to make sure that I am building my muscles properly. There is a science, not only to my nutrition, but to my training as well. I am happy with my results thus far. I am definitely growing and hitting PR’s. Basically, I do not want to be this guy :-P

Goal Three… Enjoy myself and not obsess about my diet. I am certainly doing my best to keep this bulk controlled, but it has been nice incorporating free days. I still need to find a good balance though. I do have a tendency to binge on those days, which is not healthy or good. It is certainly going to be a learning process.

Goal Four…. To be a supportive wife to Josh as he was going through the promotion process. I knew that this was going to be a stressful process, but I had no clue how stressful. We both had up’s and down’s It was torture waiting the answer. In the end He was runner up out of 8 applicants. Definitely not the news we wanted to hear, but I am so very proud of him. We knew it was a long shot, because his experience level was below everyone who applied. We are keeping our heads up. A move to Alabama may not be in our future, but I know that he has perked the interest of others in the industry and I do believe that another opportunity is right around the corner. God always has a plan ;-)

Goal Five….. To keep Zoe on track with HER goals. This little girl amazes me more and more each day!!!! She is truly such a bright soul. She shines no matter what she does!!! She not only rocked her goals, but surpassed them. She embraces lesson time. She is almost school age, so this is a great thing ;-) We will continue to home school her, so it will be important to keep her use to this schedule. She is doing great with learning how to read AND with basic addition problems. She had Josh astonished the other night with her math problems. We forget that she is only 4 ha ha ha. Patience is something Josh and I are still working on. Zoe has an independent spirit. Listening to authority figures is not her strong suit. No clue where she gets that ha ha ha ;-) She is getting better and so are we. It is a blessing to be able to learn as a family. She teaches us more than we do her xoxo

Each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year is a blessing. Cherish each moment and live your life to the fullest. I am a firm believer that this life is what you make it. Sure bad things happen, but how you react to them determines the true outcome ;-) Negativity breeds more negativity and vice versa. Question is do you want to live a happy life or the latter? It is always YOUR choice xoxo

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!

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Weekly Check In Time! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

It has been a stressful few months for the Broadbent clan. We had the stress of not knowing about Josh’s job promotion. This has been weighing heavily on our family for quite a while. He finally found out yesterday that he did not get it. He was runner up out of 8 applicants. We are disappointed, but we know that God has a different plan for us and we are excited to see what that entails!

It is time for my weekly check in!

weekly check in

I assume because my body is still getting use to the calorie increase, because my hormones are all out of whack. I started two days late last month and a day late this month. My body aches, bloating and cramping have increased 10 fold. I am sure stress probably has a hand in it too. Either way, I am not a fan of shark week ha ha ha ha Even with all the bloating, I am surprisingly not as self conscious as I though I would be, so that’s a bonus! ;-)

Some things are up this week and some things are down. It truly is difficult to gauge my progress while on my period. My calories will stay the same, because at this time I do feel like I am gaining on them. Considering this bulk will be a long one, I want to make sure I am gaining slowly and efficiently.

My progress last week to this week…..

Weight 131.8 to 133.8

Waist 27.5 to 27

Stomach 29 to 30

Thighs L 18 1/2 R 18 3/4  to L 19 R 19

Calves L 13 1/2 R 13 1/2 to Same

Rump 35 to Same

Arms L 12 1/2 R 12 1/2 to Same

Chest/Lats 38 to 37 1/2

Calipers/LBM 16.8/108 to 17.9/109


I am feeling great overall. I am still hitting PR’s I got 5 reps at 40lbs on my Dumbbell Shoulder presses yesterday and that was on my 4th working set. Took FOREVER to get to that, so I was pretty stoked to get 5 reps out! You can see I have my right elbow wrapped. It has been sore. i think it is from doing Farmer walks, so I decided to take a short break from them till it heals completely. I don’t want to take sick days from training if I don’t have to. ;-) Since removing those I did add 10 mins of HIIT twice a week on the stepmill. I stay at level 4-5 for most of the 10 mins and do two 30 second spurts at level 15. Trust me it is much harder than it sounds!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous day and always remember that even when things don’t work out the way you planned, there is always something better in store coming your way ;-) faith and patience is key!!!! xoxo

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Monday…Let The Gains Begin!!!! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!

I am excited about this week! Stress seems to be the theme this month and this past week was no exception. Josh and I sat down, talked, and realized that we stress over things that we can not control. It is best to just give it to God and let happen, happen.

The gym is also a great stress reliever ;-) I have goals and am ready to conquer them! As always I kick the week off with some Lady Swole Monday….

Hope you all make today a strong start to your week! xoxo

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Weekly Check-In #BuiltBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

weekly check in

The past week seemed to be SO long! Stress and pre-shark week have me an emotional mess ha ha ha. Definitely feeling and looking fluffier this week, but I am okay with it. Wearing street clothes on Sunday made me more aware of the weight gain. Bulking is a mental challenge, but I am viewing it in a positive light. I have over a year before I will compete again, so I know that I will get heavier and bigger, but I also know now what it takes to get lean. ;-) So bring on the GAINS!!!!!

This week almost everything is up. Now I know from using my shark week app, that some of my weight/measurement gain this week is from my hormones. To be sure of that, I am going to keep my calories steady at what they have been, so no changes in diet this week .

2550 KCals

320g Carbs

160g Protein

70g Fat

30-35g Fiber

I am staying full most days. When I believe my weight has stabilized and is not going up, I will raise everything again by 200 Kcals.

This is week 10 post comp and the 3rd week into my bulk. Although slow, I am happy with progress thus far. Measurements from last week to this…..

Weight 128.8 to 131.8

Waist 26 1/2 to 27 1/2

Stomach 28 3/4 to 29

Thighs L 19 R 19 to L 18 1/2 R 18 3/4

Calves L 13 R 13 to L 13 1/2 R 13 1/2

Rump 35 to 35

Arms L 12 1/2 R 12 1/2 to L 12 1/2 R 12 1/2

Chest/Lats 36 3/4 to 38

Caliper/LBM 16.1/107  to 16.8/108


Overall not any huge changes from last week to this week, but from when I started reverse dieting there is definitely some noticeable differences ;-)


I will stay on the grind and keep training hard! Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxox

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Kick Your Week Off Right With A little Motivation Monday #SponsoredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday! I am SO ready to start a new week!!!!

Last week kind of dragged on for me. Between the stress of waiting to hear about Josh’s promotion (which we still won’t hear anything till mid to late this week) and having friends and family who live in or near Ferguson, Missouri and watching all the violence and hate unfold there, I have just been in an emotional funk. I am sure it doesn’t help that I am pre-shark week, so feeling extra fluffy and emotional about every little thing anyway ha ha ha. I went to a BBQ with Josh for his work. I decided that because I needed a break from something, having a scale/MFP free Sunday would help and it did! I didn’t realize it till yesterday, but I have weighed tracked my food in some fashion for over two years. I woke up yesterday and set my bowl on the scale and my husband was like what are you doing? I’m having breakfast I replied confused??? He took the scale away and reminded me that it was  free day. Obviously, an overdue free day ;-) Despite feeling a bit wonky and stressed, I do feel better this morning! Prayer and the gym are where I take out my frustrations, so I am grateful that I have those outlets!


Well, enough venting ;-) It is MONDAY!!!! Let’s get motivated!!!!! As always Lady Swole Monday will kick it off!!!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxo