Truth About Women & Creatine #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Creatine is a supplement I find that many women are afraid to use. Typically, it’s because of misinformation. I would like to shed some truth on the matter.

What is Creatine? Defined by Medical News Today ~ “Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid produced in the liver that helps supply energy to cells all over the body – particularly muscle cells. It is made out of three amino acids: L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine.”  Basically, it’s an amino acid that is naturally found in any food that contains protein.

I first heard about the supplement as being used for athletes, but it is also commonly used to treat many things as well. Disorders such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Depression, Congestive heart failure, and even improved cognitive ability.

When I began lifting, I had heard many things about creatine. “It’s only for men” It will make you HUGE” “It is a form of steroids” Etc…. All are actually far from the truth. The fact that many think it should only be used by men, or is an illegal drug, just shows how uneducated people are about the subject.

Creatine has many benefits for male and female athletes alike!


~ It increases your body’s capacity to endure high intensity workouts. It increases energy and strengthens muscle fibers. This equates to pumping out more reps, going faster, stronger, and harder.

~ Volumizes your muscles. You may have heard people say that Creatine will cause you to hold water. This is actually a true statement, but not in the regards to how your monthly will make you hold water. With Creatine, you will hold an extra 3-5lbs of water in your muscles. It aids in synthesizing protein, which equates to muscle growth ;-)

~Increases Brain function. This can benefit you by helping you stay focused throughout your training

~ It may reduce age related muscle loss. ” Creatine has also been shown to improve isometric strength in addition to body composition in older adults, provided a strength-training program is run concurrently 1. In their double blind study, Brose and colleagues assigned 28 healthy men and women – over age 65 – to a 14 week resistance training exercise program, during which these subjects trained three days a week.14 of these participants were given five grams of creatine mixed with two grams of dextrose while the other 14 subjects received a placebo of seven grams of dextrose. After the 14 weeks, the creatine group were found to have experienced greater increases in fat free mass and total body mass, in addition to improvements in isometric knee extension strength.This study helps to confirm the role creatine can play in offsetting age related muscle wasting, if combined with a strength training regime.”

The benefits list can actually go on and on. Creatine is a supplement that is important to add to your regimen. A supplement to aid in your progress and development. Women have a harder time developing muscle. We almost have to train harder and longer to achieve those goals. We all know the more muscle, the more fat you burn. This is why I highly recommend adding it to your stack today!

How to take Creatine… Women will benefit from taking 2-5g per day no more in necessary. Some load. Loading is replenishing your body with heavy creatine for about 5 days. Most women will do 10g a day for this period, then cut back down to 2-5g for 4-6 weeks. Then take 4-6 weeks off. This is a supplement you will need to cycle. Reason is, it can have adverse effects if not used correctly. NEVER USE MORE THAN 20G OVER A % DAY PERIOD. I personally never take more than 5g a day.

Saturn Supplements has three phenomenal types of Creatine to choose from!

The first is Creatine 3. Saturn’s Creatine 3 provides a unique Triple-Blend Complex of the three most effective forms of Creatine including Monohydrate, Phosphate and Pyruvate. It comes in pill form.

Creatine 3

Next in line is Creatine Monohydrate. Saturn’s Creatine Monohydrate is made for individuals seeking the many benefits associated with this most common form of Creatine. Each serving provides your body with a premium Pharma-grade of pure micronized elemental Creatine monohydrate in a quick and easy to digest powder form. This is powder form, which is most popular with athletes. Mainly, because it is easier to measure your amounts.

Creatine Monohydrate

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite…. Creatine Silk. Saturn’s revolutionary Creatine Silk provides the body with the most technologically advanced powder form available. Our Micro-Screened Ultra-Fine powder provides a smooth and instant dissolve for maximum delivery. Each serving offers a pure, premium grade of Micronized Elemental Creatine Monohydrate, known for its role in health and fitness.You will notice a qualitatively difference when you open each package of Creatine Silk. It’s silky-smooth texture mimics the grade of materials found in Saturn’s Buffered-Creatine. Enhanced refinement of powder with enhanced method of delivery! This is what you can expect from Saturn’s Creatine Silk – an absolute mass building formula for athletes and everyday fitness.

Creatine Silk

Be sure to order today! They are still running the 25th anniversary special. You receive 25% off your total order with code 25YEARS as a bonus you will also receive a free gift!

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Monday Motivator #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!!


Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!! I have actually been a little under the weather. Back at it today and more than ready to get started on goal smashing!!!

Let’s kick this week off right, shall we? ;-) Lady Swole Monday coming up!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to make myself!!! Happy Monday and let’s get to it!!!

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New Month, New Goals. Welcome March!!! #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

New Month, New Goals Welcome March!

March marks the beginning of spring and 9 remaining weeks of my bulk. The following weeks are important. I need to stay focused and keep my drive strong. March will a busy month, so lots of goals!!!! As I constantly say, set small goals to reach your big ones. It makes the process easier and more attainable, when you take it step by step. Sharing your goals with someone helps keep you accountable. Let’s check out my March goals….

Goal 1~ Make It Count! I had this goal last month as well, but it is important that I make every one of these last days count. My training has been hard, but I have seen growth. I want to maximize as much as I can in the coming weeks. 9 weeks is enough time to grow that little bit more! 

Goal 2~ Game Plan My Prep Training. My training for prep will be different than my bulk. The game plan is to drop weight and define the muscles I have built. This year I will do it in stages. I will be sitting down, researching, and re-configuring how the first 4- 6 weeks will go. I am taking a different approach than last year. I am constantly educating myself on new approaches and what will work for my body. 

Goal 3~ Plan My Diet Approach. Just as I will sit down and plan my training, my diet will also be re-configured. As I have said a million times, to lose fat, you must be in a calorie deficit. With that being said, my prep is 23 weeks. I certainly don’t want to drop it as low as I can right off the bat. I need to establish a plan where I will gradually drop, while still seeing results! I want maximum fat loss with minimum muscle loss. 

Goal 4~ Strike A Pose. Posing practice has been huge for me this year! I honestly spend almost as much time posing as I do training. Training and diet are important, but if you can’t showcase your work properly, you will lose points and not place. This was one of my weak areas last year. going into the competition, I thought I was good, but after seeing all of the photos of Pre-judging and the night show, I realize how off I really was. I have been studying and practicing to perfect what I lacked last season. This year, you can guarantee, I am bringing it!!!!!

Goal 5~ Start My Suit. Now that I have most of the materials, I can get started. I made sure to buy way more fabric than I needed, just in case I make any major mistakes. Ha ha ha ha I always plan ahead!!!! I am very excited about the suit. I have been brain storming ideas for quite some time, so to see them come to life will be awesome! Plus I am saving a ton of money making it myself!!!! I am ready for the challenge! 

Goal 6~ Make-up And Hair. Last year I thought I knew exactly what I was doing when it came to hair and make-up. When asking around for opinions, I found out my ideas were not ideal for Figure competitions. I did my best to rework what my plan was, but in all reality it fell on the back burner and come competition day I was just thrown together. I paid a company to do part of my make-up, which in turn looked horrible on stage. This year, like everything else, I will have a game plan. I have been researching hair and make-up just as I do training and diet ha ha ha. 

Goal 7~ Business Planning. I have something in the works, although I am not ready to share the details. I will be spending a lot of time figuring out how, what, when, and where my plan will unfold. All I can say is, It is really exciting!!!

Goal 8~ Challenging Lesson Plans. Just as I like to be challenged, I want Zoe to be too! She has been excelling in mathematics, spelling, and reading. I want to make these areas more challenging for her and have her moving ahead! I sometimes think my plans for her are too challenging, then she shows me how wrong I was ha ha. I love lesson time and I am happy she does too. Keeping it fun and challenging has been quite a struggle, but I love that she is learning!!!

Hope you all have set your sights high this month! March will be a phenomenal one!!!

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February Goal Recap #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

February went by WAY too fast!!!

Goodbye February Timeline

Going into this month I had big plans and big goals. I feel I rocked it this month! Here are my February’s goals and how I fared ….

Goal 1~ Get lovey dovey. Even though Josh worked a ton in February (huge retail month) We had plenty of chances for family outings and were all able to show each other plenty of love. I really enjoyed this goal. It was a way for all of us to show in different ways how much we truly adore each other. Lots of little love notes and treats left around. Hugs, kisses, massages, shopping, game nights and just family togetherness.

Goal 2~ Make it count. Going into February I had 12 weeks left to this bulk, so I wanted to make sure that I was pushing myself as hard as possible to make each and every training day count! I definitely feel I did just that! My body is sore and tired, but I do see some improvements and I am growing, not just physically, but mentally as well!!!

Goal 3~ Maximize the Weights. Some of my lifts have stayed pretty steady at what they were at the beginning of the month. I haven’t been confident in my form when moving up in weight. I won’t compromise form for ego. With that being said, I have gone up quite a bit in weight on some other lifts. It’s been a process. I have also been switching up some of my workouts. mainly out of boredom ha ha. I do feel that I am maximizing what my body will allow.

Goal 4~ Pose Perfect. This goal is one that is always there. I pose before my training and after. Sometimes if i am just bored, I pose some more. It looks really easy and you may be asking yourself why anyone would need to practice so much? Well, it’s much more difficult and technical than it looks. Figuring out how to flex and hold posing. Remembering what position your body looks best in without a mirror. Being able to flex several parts of your body at once. It all can be mind boggling, so practice, practice, practice! It was my weak areas last year, so I will be damned if I don’t have my posing spot on this year! 

Nicole Wilkins has a way of making it look so fluid and effortless. My goal is to be able to pose as well as she does!

Goal 5~ Start my suit. I knew what color fabric I wanted. I had considered ordering it online, but decided I really wanted to find it in person, so I could make sure everything was perfect for me. We actually spent a lot of time going from store to store to find the right fabric. Josh was a Godsend. He not only was patient with me in my finickiness, but was almost as picky. he takes my competing as serious as I do and I find that just amazing! To have that kind of support is hard to find!!! We do have everything now to get the suit started. Once the suit is made I will purchase the Swarovski Crystals to make it that much more gorgeous!!! 

Goal 6~ Makeup and Hair. This was another weak area for me last year. I am usually just a ponytail and go kind of gal ha ha. Figuring out how to look a little softer from the neck up was a struggle for me. So definitely want to be more prepared this year. Like I said at the beginning of the month, I won’t be paying for my makeup to be done again. I will do it myself. I know what I want and I have every intention of nailing it!!! 

Goal 7~ Zoe’s Lessons. Basically Just staying consistent and keeping it interesting and fun. This is a challenge every month, but one that I love. I adore the time we are blessed to have together, and equally love the ability to educate her and know where she is in her progress. We are excited to start homeschooling, although Josh and I haven’t decided if we will do it this year or next.

Goal 8~ Business/Fundraising Planning. Although I am not ready to share the details with this endeavor, know that something is in the works! ;-) As I stated at the beginning of the month, I would like to be able to fund my own way into my competitions without having to rely on my hubs so much. Plus, I want to start a foundation that Zoe can help me with, so she can learn to give to others. It is something that I am hopeful will be able to start in the next couple of months. I am really excited about the whole plan!!!! 

Hope you all reached the goals you had set for yourself! I already have next month’s goals lined up and ready to go!!!

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Myths And Facts About Six Pack Abs #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

You see a lot of companies promise flat tummies and six pack abs. Be it workouts, pills, shakes, wraps, what have you…

When I started my journey, having a six pack was everything I dreamed of! I did countless crunches and ab workouts. I could never achieve that tight muscular look. I could get skinny, but could not get those muscles to pop. I figured with all the focused ab training, there was NO WAY I didn’t have muscle there. I want to share what I have learned so far….

I now know it is a difference of diet and body fat percentage.

I don’t know how accurate the bf% on these ladies is, but it gives you an idea of how low you have to go to get that chiseled six pack look.

Fact is, the women you see with tight bodies in fitness magazines and ads have prepped for those photo shoots. Yes, they are fit in their off season, or their everyday look, but most don’t walk around with a visible six pack.

Getting a chiseled six pack is attainable, but not typically sustainable. There are many myths and facts to getting that desired washboard stomach.

Myth: Doing a 1000 sit ups or crunches a day will get you a flat tummy and/or six pack.

This is false. If you have a surplus of body fat, you can spend your whole day doing crunches and will still not see the results you desire. That saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”…that is fact! Fat loss is plain and simple calorie deficit. Having your macros properly set up and sticking to them is how you will see visible abs.

Myth: You need special pills, shakes, or wraps.

No, but you can eat a balanced diet. Again, get your macros figured out and you will see the results you desire. It is all about your nutrition!!! In my opinion, if these products worked as well as they claimed, then everyone using them would look like fitness models from the neck down.

Myth: Only people with good genetics can have a six pack.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Neither of my parents were lean mean muscle machines ha ha ha and neither are most bodybuilders. Genetics will determine how your six pack will look, as far as your muscle structure, but it will not determine whether it is attainable. That comes down to discipline and hard work.

Fact: Don’t stop doing core training.

No, ab training won’t make you chiseled, but your abs are still a muscle. If you want to build them up, then core training is necessary. Granted if you do the main heavy lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench press, then you are already working your core! ;-) There are a ton of stellar core workouts!!! Do your research and find out what you love best!

Fact: You can not spot reduce.

If it is your belly that you are looking to lean out, then understand that you have to lose everywhere. spot reduction just does not exist. I hear this a lot too…”I just need to work my lower abs” This actually doesn’t exist either. Your abs are made up of four sections your Rectus Abdominis, Transverse Abdominis, then your Internal and External Obliques. Also “toning” you can gain muscle or lose muscle just as you can gain fat or lose fat. You can not “tone” a muscle and make a certain area of your body look tighter. To look tighter, again you just need to lose body fat.

Fact: It takes females longer to lose enough fat to see visible abs.

As I stated before, you have to be on a running calorie deficit for a long enough period of time to see visible abs. The amount of time and deficit varies depending on the individual. Basically, you must consume less calories than you burn.

Fact: Your body needs a ton of water!

Your body needs water to keep from bloating and to stay healthy. Make sure to keep your body well hydrated if you want to see results!!!

Fact: It takes time!!!!

Patience is definitely required. It is a process and not one that happens overnight. There is a reason you do not see a ton of people walking around with a chiseled midsection ;-) Discipline, patience, and determination.

It is a process, but I assure you the time and effort ARE worth it!!! This was 5 weeks post competition last year. I plan on coming in better shape this year! ;-)


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Why You Need A Better MultiVitamin #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I’m sure you have all seen the headlines about several major retailers misleading their customers when it comes to their supplement lines.

Personally, I wasn’t that surprised. Although one is a popular supplement store, I don’t consider any of them supplement experts, nor have I or will I buy supplements there. With as much money as people in the fitness industry spend on their daily supplement stacks, it is imperative to know what you are buying is in fact quality!

My go to for ALL my supplement needs has been and is Saturn Supplements. A trusted source in the fitness and supplement industry for over 25 years! They are available in 20 countries and growing. They offer a unique line of products specifically designed for athletes and health-minded individuals demanding high level performance from themselves and the products they take.

Saturn Certified

I think one of the most over looked supplements, is your multivitamin. Almost half of adults take a multivitamin. I have seen so many who take opt for the lower quality big names, instead of doing their research and finding what is best! Here are several reasons that the big name popular brand multivitamins are not worth the bottle they are filled in….

~ Strange Ingredients ~ Many of the cheaper multivitamins are filled with artificial colors and fillers. You will always see an “Other Ingredients” list on your multi bottle. If it is a mile long, then put it back! The vitamin list should ALWAYS be the long one ;-)

~ Single Small Pill ~ To fit all the nutrition into a small pill, manufacturers will use synthetic ingredients that are A. cheaper and B. take up less room. To make the pills so small, they compress them. To do that they use synthetic fillers and binders. To top it off, most get what is called a”pharmaceutical glaze”, you know to make it pretty and shiny. It is a shellac of sorts. It actually can prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients. A great example is if the ingredients list Vitamin D, it may list D2 which is a synthetic vs D3 which is the same natural Vitamin D your body produces when you are out in the sun.

~ Don’t Always Have The Nutrients You Need ~ There are key micronutrients that you should always look for. Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Iron. These play important roles in preventing chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis.

You may be asking yourself if taking a multivitamin is actually necessary? It has been reported that 10% or more of the U.S. population is deficient in these five nutrients: Zinc (12%), Vitamin B6 (14%) Vitamin C (31%), Vitamin A (44%), Magnesium (56%) and Vitamin E, where 93% of the U.S. population simply does not get enough Vitamin E from their diets.

I know I personally do not always eat plenty of veggies and fruit. And with my macro counting, I do have a fiber amount that I have to hit daily, but sometimes I figure out other ways to hit it outside of the healthier options. Therefore, I know that I lack in certain micronutrients on certain days. I also know how important it is to make sure I am covering them. You can look at it as an insurance of sorts. We all know that these micronutrients are important for our bodies to function properly. My multivitamin of choice is Saturn Supplements One-Source


It is the absolute strongest Vitamin & Mineral Pack on the market. Saturn’s One-Source delivers! We have established that you cannot always be sure of getting all the nutrients you need from food, and Saturn’s One-Source Pack is designed to enrich your body with a complete dietary supplement-perfect for everyday taking. Each Freshness-Assured packet provides the best that natural vitamins and minerals have to offer. I love these, because it has everything you need in a convenient ready to go packet. There is no pill sorting, no extra pill case, or thinking required. Just grab and go! No yeast, no preservatives, and no artificial colors. What it does have is everything you need to ensure you are a well being, healthy, powerhouse!

Do not forget your mini’s! You definitely want to make sure they are getting all of their micronutrients as well. As a parent, I always want to make sure Zoe is as healthy, if not healthier than me. That’s where Saturn Supplements Children’s Yummy Vites come in ;-)

Children's Yummy-Vites

Saturn’s Children’s Yummy-Vites formula is designed to provide children with a natural source of daily multivitamin nutrition. Each serving is packed full of the most important daily nutrients including Vitamins & Minerals A, C, D, E and Zinc. Saturn’s Children’s Yummy Vites are naturally sourced in both color and flavor and are the most delicious tasting gummy bears available! There are 5 delicious flavors, grape, lemon, orange, strawberry, and cherry.

I always have the peace of mind that no matter how our diet is for the day, we are covered. I love knowing that every morning we are putting our health first as a family.

Do you take a multivitamin? What benefits can you see in having your family take a quality multi?

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Start The Week Strong #MotivationMonday @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!

Monday’s for many are a day they dread. It is a negative mindset that has been pre-programed into our minds. I have changed my mindset. I look at Monday as a new start or beginning. It is what sets the pace for the week. I just don’t see the point in starting the week off in a negative tone. Let’s change YOUR mindset ;-)

As always, let’s kick the week off with a little Lady Swole Monday….

Let’s start and finish the week strong!

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Getting Beyond That Negative Bulking Mentality #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

I’m over half way into the 28th week of my bulk. I have just over 10 weeks left. I am actually really looking forward to starting my contest prep. The further into my bulk I have gotten, the more mental struggles I have had. I don’t really stress so much about the scale. I was mentally ready for that to change. I struggle most with the way my clothes fit, or don’t fit I should say ha ha. Clothes are tight, some because of muscles, most because of fat.

Most days I do great! I feel positive about myself and my progress, but other days I catch myself falling into that negative mindset about my body. It doesn’t help that there is a show here in 3 weeks, so EVERYONE is in prep and training at my gym. Training next to someone who is ripped while you are bulking is an ego blocker to say the least ha ha ha ha. I do my best to steer clear of the bad thoughts, but we all know that is really hard when you don’t like what you see in the mirror. This part of the process has definitely been more difficult than I had anticipated. One thing I am always aware of is that Zoe’s ears are always listening and her eyes always watching. I WILL NOT allow her to see or hear any negative body issues. I personally belive that is a learned behavior. I learned it when I was young. Those thoughts and behaviors are not something I want her to learn. She is always near when I am sizing myself up in the mirror, so I always make it a point to compliment myself and her xoxo

I will continue to push myself and keep building what I can. This bulk has also been the longest one I have done. It will be 8 weeks of reverse dieting with 38 weeks of bulking, so just over 10 1/2 months of pretty steady gaining. Now with all that being said, I also have to mention the things that have made me very happy in this bulk ;-) My strength has gone up 10 fold. When I started gaining, my max deadlifts were at 205lbs for 1 rep. At this point, I am doing 5 working sets of 5 at 200lbs and I have been raising it 5lbs every week, so I will be hitting my previous max next Wednesday. My squats and bench have also improved greatly! Squats were at 195lbs max (1-2 reps)and I am currently doing 5 sets of 5 at 170lbs. Bench was 95lbs max (1 rep) and I am currently at 105lbs for 5 sets of 5 and When I do photo comparisons, I can see the muscle gains I have made.


Keeping a positive mindset during your bulk is imperative. A negative mind can make you lack in motivation, or worse make you stop bulking too soon. Do I miss being lean? Yes. I would be lying if I said no. Have I wanted to start my cut sooner? Absolutely! However, I know I will be there again, but this time with more muscle, so I have to keep pushing myself. The whole process has been yet another learning experience. I am sure that my next bulk will go a bit different. I had made some mistakes in this one, but again I am always learning. I am curious as to how much more weight I will be able to lift in the following weeks, but even more curious to see what is under all this extra fluff I have added! These next 10 weeks will be the most difficult, but I am ready to fight for whatever gains I can possibly get at this point. My body is sore, tired, and full ha ha ha, but I am NOT giving up!

One thing I always keep in mind, I lost a ton of weight before, so not only do I know I can cut the extra weight, this time I know exactly how to do it! I am ready!!!!

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Top 5 Supplements For Beginners #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

When I first started lifting, supplements were a mystery to me.

I worried if I took them, would I look manly? Would they hurt me? Would gain weight? Would I lose weight? I had SO many questions! After doing a ton of research, I realized the many benefits of taking certain supplements. The first supplement that I found to be the most important for me, is Whey Protein.

Most people, especially females, have a hard time hitting the appropriate amount of protein. For me, this is where my shakes come in. I typically have a protein shake pre-workout and if I have errands to run afterwards, I also have one post workout. Protein is essential to grow lean muscle. For all the ladies who want to be “toned”, please note, you have to have muscle first. ;-) And unlike popular beliefs, it is difficult for a woman to grow huge mass, so there are no worries that drinking protein shakes will have you looking like Arnold. Protein of choice for me is Saturn Supplements Nitrox Pro. I choose this one, because it is top quality protein and one serving is HUGE!!!!  When you consider how many servings are in a container, it truly is the best value for the money! My personal flavor of choice is Vanilla ;-)


They also have Smart Whey, which is a phenomenal choice as well!

Smart Whey

Next is Fiber. Like protein, you certainly can hit your fiber goals by eating foods, however in the hustle and bustle of life, there are days where it can be difficult. I always turn to a fiber supplement like Saturn’s FiberMax 1450. Fiber keeps you regulated and your system running top notch!

FiberMax 1450

Daily Multi Vitamins are very important to your bodybuilding stack. You always want to make sure that you are not only hitting your macros daily,but also your micro-nutrients! My multi of choice is One Source. I love them, because you get everything you need in individual packets. There is no need to purchase multiple bottles and no keeping track of all the different pills. It’s just grab and go. Quick, easy, and quality assured!


Next up is Aminos. I have preached to no end the importance of this supplement. Recovery, muscle growth, protein synthesis, etc… The list goes on and on. I love my Aminos Pump 50000. They come in vanilla flavor, so can be a drink on it’s own, or mixed with just about anything.

Amino Pump 50000

Creatine Monohydrate is always a go to in any stack. This supplement increases strength, so you can push out more reps and increase the weight you are lifting. More reps, more weights, all equal more muscle. It is also important to replenish your natural levels after weight training. You lose a lot, so I always recommend 5 grams pre and 5 grams post. This will help deliver nutrients where they are needed for recovery and muscle growth.

Creatine Monohydrate

Last, but certainly not least, is a good preworkout. This is typically only needed if you lack energy. Saturn has a couple that I like. My main choice is K-Pump Hydrate. I drink it during my training. I like it better than your typical preworkouts, because it not only gives you a stellar pump, but it also keeps you hydrated, focused, and energized throughout rigorous training. My training sessions can last between 60-90 mins, so I tend to need the extra energy and hydration. There is no worries of getting the shakes or tingles with this one. I know many of my female lifters are not a fan of either of those feelings. What you get is a sweet refreshing drink. Definitely a go to in my stack!!!


What is your favorite supplement? Check them all out at Saturn Supplements! Be sure to use promo code 25YEARS to get 25% off your total order!!!!!!!

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Fresh Start Monday #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Happy Monday!!!

I have 11 weeks left of growing. I am motivated and driven to build, build, build!!! Let’s keep the momentum up! ;-) As always, I kick the week off with Lady Swole Monday…

Today is the start to a new week. A chance to step closer to your goals. I choose me, I choose to push myself harder, I choose to put in the work, I choose to never settle…

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Bulking Week 27 Check In #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Bulking Week 27 Check In

weekly check in

This post will be a bit different than my other check in’s. I haven’t had the chance to take measurements this week, just my weigh in. My weight has stayed pretty steady at 154.6 lbs. I am estimating that I will probably go up to 160 lbs. My gains this bulk have been great! I have had mixed emotions throughout the whole thing ha ha. I knew going into it that I would have up’s and down’s. It’s like I have said a million times, gaining weight plays with your mind. Sometimes I see myself in a negative light. Josh has been my saving grace xoxo He sees my gains and my improvements and has been a Godsend during my off season. He is always pointing out what should be obvious to me. ;-) I believe I have brought up everything I have wanted to. My delts, back, glutes, and legs have all improved dramatically.


My posing, like my physique, is still a work in progress. I am very excited to get through the next 11 weeks of building and begin the process of uncovering my new muscle. This year I plan on taking the stage with a complete new and improved look!!!!

Do you have goals this year? Have you ever wanted to compete?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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Thigh Gaps, Squeems, & Bikini Bridges…Let’s Stop The Madness #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

In 2013 I wrote an article about the “Thigh Gap” craze. I was pretty shocked that young ladies were concerned with and strived to attain this. Obviously, I am not saying that ladies that are naturally slim or hard gainers are unhealthy or look bad in any way shape or form. I am speaking of the ladies who starve themselves to the point of being sick to attain unrealistic goals.

2014 I saw less of ladies wanting the slimmer look and leaning more towards curves. I saw more strong is sexy and women really working hard for a more healthy lifestyle rather than starving. Last year seemed to be the year of good health and realistic goals. Well almost. Towards the end of the year I started seeing more about squeems. If you are unfamiliar, a squeem is a lot like a corset. Womene are wearing them to attain that tiny waist. This was actually a very popular practice in the 16th and 17th centuries. Women desired the elongated bodice with the extreme tiny waist.

Women actually started training their waists around the age of 10 or 11. They strived for what is now called the Victorian wasp waist. The practice stopped being so extreme because it was obviously dangerous. These women had very small appetites, so they could stay restricted throughout the day. Some had issues walking and stayed short of breath, fainting was common place among women. Ribs were broken and organs were displaced.


           ‘On Saturday afternoon Dr. Lankester held an inquest at the Cherry tree, Bowling Green, Clerkenwell, touching the death of Jemima Hall, aged 21.  The deceased was in service at 71 Myddleton Square, and was taken ill on the Wednesday, and put to bed complaining of pains in her inside: a doctor was called, saw her that day and the next, but was wholly unable to discover the nature of her malady, and on calling the third time she was dead.  A post mortem examination was then made by the Coroner’s order, when it was found that the whole of the organs in the body were contracted and out of their place, and her stomach was smaller than that of an ordinary infant. Death arose from congestion of the lungs and brain, the result of tight-lacing, which the young woman, who was of prepossessing appearance, had long persevered in. The jury returned a verdict of Death from the congestion of the lungs and brain, produced by tight-lacing.  The body was fearfully emaciated, and the medical gentlemen stated it was the most remarkable case of the kind that had ever come under his notice.  The Coroner said that he never remembered in his experience a case in which lacing had been carried on to such an extent.’ ~

For years I have only seen corsets used as sexy lingerie for the bedroom ;-) but over the past 6 months, have seen many women turn to squeems, which is now common practice to see. Women “training” their waist all day and night for that same Victorian look. I think I see more competitors wearing them than anything, but they post themselves wearing them on their social media accounts, which in turn has women from every walk of life thinking it is a short cut to their dream body. Even men have jumped on the bandwagon.

So there’s that. Then yesterday I saw this….


Soooooo…. the big thing for 2015 is a Bikini Bridge??? I seriously have no clue why this is considered attractive or why this is desired??? To be so skinny that your hip bones protrude from your body and people can see down your bikini when you lay flat. This is mind boggling to me. We have enough body image issues, but seem to start creating more and more. I honestly want Zoe to stay small forever, so I don’t have to have discussions with her about such nonsense. It is in no way healthy to try to lose so much weight that your hip bones are protruding. Let’s stop the madness with all of these unrealistic body fad and just strive to love the body we are in.

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Advantages of Nitric Oxide Supplements #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Let’s start with, What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric Oxide is a gas that is produced naturally in your body. Some call it the next Creatine. “To make nitric oxide, enzymes in the body break down the amino acid, arginine,” explains registered dietitian and American Dietetic Association spokesperson Jim White.

There are many benefits to adding Nitric Oxide Supplements to you daily regimen. Nitric Oxide is known for boosting cardiovascular health. It plays a key role in regulating your organs such as heart, liver, lungs, brain, ect. It also aids in circulating your blood.

With the increased blood flow your nutrients are rushed to your muscles, so you also get an increase of adrenaline, hormones, growth, and recovery times. I personally use several Nitric Oxide boosting supplements and can definitely see a difference in my performance, recovery, and growth in this off season!

The benefits don’t stop there! Nitric Oxide significantly increases learning and memory tasks, bone remodeling and healing, as well as reduction in joint pain.

Saturn Supplements has a huge line of Nitric Oxide products!!! Here is a list of my favorites ;-)

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Amino Pump 50000

K-Pump Pre-Workout Hydrate & Pump Cell Volumizer / Maximum Muscle Matrix with Kre-Alkalyn®, Caffeine & Nitric Oxide with Mental Focus Actives – Brain Power!


HGH Hard Muscle Natural Growth Support / Mass Enhancing Growth Activating PowerPlex for Fast Gains

HGH Hard Muscle

Before you checkout be sure to enter the promo code 25YEARS to get the anniversary sale prices xoxo Happy Shopping xoxo

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Power Through This Week @SaturnMuscle #MotivationMonday #PoweredBySaturnSupplements

Happy Monday!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to run not just the day, but the whole week! let’s kick it off right with some Lady Swole Monday…

The Countdown is on ;-)

Let’s build a better body starting today ;-)

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Weight Loss And Alcohol #PoweredBySaturnSupplements @SaturnMuscle

Like many people, I like to have an occasional drink, but question is, will it hinder my results???

We all know, carbs and proteins contain 4 calories per gram, while fats have 9. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, and is processed differently from the other macronutrients.


“Alcohol has a negative reputation in the fitness community. Part of it stems from the fact that alcohol severely lowers the body’s fat oxidation rate. A study published in the American Journal of College of Nutrition1 found that, when men were given two drinks of vodka and sugar-free lemonade, their lipid oxidation dropped by 73 percent!

Lipid oxidation is a measure of how much fat your body is burning. So, even though the cocktails in question were only 90 calories each, they had a huge impact on the drinkers’fat-burning power.”

Does this mean alcohol can not be mixed with weight loss or muscle building? NO! Fact is, that alcohol slows the fat burning process, but does not store as fat. Like many indulgences, in moderation alcohol is just fine.

With that being said, how do you figure in the alcohol when counting your macros? When I started IIFYM I made the mistake of going by the calories/macros on the alcohol labels, or what I found online….

In a perfect world, the carb/fat grams you see on these labels would work awesome. I should have known, it was too good to be true ;-) In order to log it correctly, so you are counting every calorie towards your macro counts, you will want to figure the calories ALL towards either your carb counts or your fat counts.


If you are using MyFitnessPal, you can log just carbs or just fats. I do this whenever I decide to have a drink. Right now, with being in my offseason, it is easy for me to have a drink in the evenings. Once my contest prep starts and my numbers get lower, I will probably opt for food over drinks. Especially since alcohol causes the drunchies ;-) (Drunk munchies) If you know your goals and track your numbers, it is easy to add indulgences. This is why flexible dieting is so much more realistic as a sustainable lifestyle. Am I saying go out and get drunk all the time? Absolutely not. Definitely drink responsibly and know your limits. If you are tracking macros, you will realize you are actually quite limited, even in the offseason ;-) But if you want to have a glass of wine with your Valentine, by all means indulge without worry xoxo

Happy Friday xoxo

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