Re-Feed Day Excitement & A PSA Especially For The Ladies

I am pretty stoked today! It is leg day AND my re-feed day!!!!!

My last re-feed day I ate somewhere in the vicinity of 400g of carbs give or take. I felt great! Strong, focused and re-energized. Re-feed days are not an excuse to pig out. My fat is reduced to as little as possible and my protein lowered to 1g per pound of my body weight. This re-feed will be treated the same as the last.

It the little things ha ha ha 😉

Enough about my excitement for food lol. I did want to touch on a subject. It’s not the happiest one, but needs to be put out there. If for anything, just for me to vent. Yesterday when I got to the gym, I was pretty happy that the place was a ghost town. Even though I do enjoy meeting people and talking, the gym is not the place I like to socialize. I am there to train and get out. Like most gyms mine has a daycare limit of 2 hours. Some days I do push that limit. Anyway, while I was training a man came in. He was a short round bald man, wearing jeans, work boots and a navy blue t-shirt. At first I thought he might be a repairman for the Community center. He stood behind me and I could see in the mirror that his face was towards a tv, but he was watching me. Shortly after my first set he picked up a set of dumbbells and pretended to work his arms. I say pretended, because he obviously had underestimated the amount of weight he picked up, but continued to do barely half reps of curls. I thought, well maybe he is a resolutionist trying to keep with his New Year’s goals…. Then he started talking to me. At first pleasantries, nothing odd or unusual. He talked about the weather. Asked if I was training for something? How long I had been training at that gym? Then he started asking strange questions like How old are you? On what side of the city do you live? Where else do you have tattoos? (I have two noticeable ones) Annoying questions that I was blatenly ignoring. Then he started asking me things that made me more uneasy… How old is your daughter? (I never told him I had a child) Do you have any teenage children? Are you still married? How do you like driving a Buick? (I never told him what kind of car I drove) I never showed fear or that I was bothered in the least, outside of annoyance. I just calmly asked him to leave me alone so I could train. However, he did hit a nerve with me. It is not something I do, or will discuss, but I have been a victim before. Needless to say, I am a paranoid person. When he left I immediately texted my husband, then spoke with workers at the gym about the situation. It is never a great feeling when someone is violating your personal space. This man’s intent was to try to intimidate me. To an extent I suppose he did, but he won’t keep me from training and I won’t allow him to make me fear leaving my home. Being a victim in the past has taught me many things. One, I am a survivor. I took a bad situation and made myself stronger from it. Two, to assess my surroundings. I do look over my shoulder a lot. I always know who is around me. I made sure to study every detail of this man. From the blue ink pen he had in his front shirt pocket, the tear in the left pant leg near his boot, to the raised mole on the left cheek. Three, not to show fear. When you show fear or intimidation, you allow them to see your weaknesses. Staying calm allows you to figure out your next step. Four, listen. By asking questions, this man not only let me know what he knows about me, but what he was interested in, as well as some personal info about himself that he may not have meant to say, ie he doesn’t have tattoos, he lived within walking distance, etc. Five, seek help. Tell someone…anyone every detail about the situation that occurred. By what I told the gym, they knew exactly who I was talking about and now can watch him. Did he do anything wrong? No. Again, I am a paranoid person. However, in my opinion his behavior was suspicious. I will NOT be a victim again, nor will I allow someone to make my daughter a victim. I think it is important for everyone, women especially to learn some form of self defense and/or have a way to protect themselves. Many have the “it won’t happen to me attitude” I personally have the I won’t let it happen again attitude. Always be prepared for anything!

Sorry this isn’t the happiest post, but I do think that it is something that needed to be said. There is a lot of people who can bother you at the gym. If for whatever reason you feel that you could be in danger definitely go with your intuition and report the person. Do what you need to do to stay safe! Some victims never live to tell what they could have done differently. I am blessed xoxo Hope you all stay safe and have a fabulously fit day!!!!!


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  1. Oh I am glad you are so vigilant and observant. It IS a scary situation. I hope you never see him again!

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