Goodbye December Month End Goal Check In

As much as I LOVE Christmas and the month of December, I am happy it has come and go so quickly! I am exhausted!!! Let’s see how the month’s goals were…..

1. To get my gifts wrapped. Obviously this one was a no brainer. 😛 We were blessed to have not one Christmas, but two! It was a lovely time with family xoxo

2. I was suppose to start packing, but decided to start after Christmas ha ha basically because with family staying here, I didn’t want to take up space with boxes.

3. Next to manage my time better. I did this a little better this month. Seems like whenever the holidays come into play we are always also getting ready to move which makes me extremely busy. Josh works 50+ hours a week, so decorating, cleaning, packing, lesson plans, gifts, cooking,m etc fall on my shoulders. I am not complaining by any means we are certainly blessed, but I do need to learn better time management.

4. Staying on track. Like I said last month, this wouldn’t be hard. My mom actually did make the trip down as did Josh’s parents. I sacrificed last year and didn’t indulge in anything. This year was a different story. Christmas dinner I did log, but did not restrict myself in the least. I just enjoyed the food and was back on track the next day. When his parents came down I just stuck with my IIFYM lifestyle and enjoyed a few things that fit right in 😉 Needless to say, I enjoyed the holiday this year!

5. I definitely felt like I gave my stress to God this month! We have been on edge with bills, getting the apartment, Josh’s job, etc Josh and I talked it over and realized that what is going to happen, will happen. We have no control over most of it, so we need to just rely on our faith and know that God will always be there. If you have been following me a while you know that Josh was on the fence, so to speak, with his faith. Even though this was something that bothered me, I did not want to pressure him. I continued to pray for him and started to see that he was praying. He spoke of God’s word to one of his employees and I just couldn’t be more proud. I cried tears of joy when I realized he has given himself to the Lord. I honestly have to say it has made the stress level for everything go down. To have someone to pray with is the ultimate greatest thing!

We are excited to start the new year with new goals! I will be spending the evening with Josh and Zoe 😉 It’s funny, in my 20’s I would worry about not passing out drunk before the new year. Now I worry about keeping Zoe and Josh up, so we can celebrate together lol. I had a wonderful 2013 and know that 2014 is going to be just phenomenal!!! I hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!


4 comments to “Goodbye December Month End Goal Check In”

  1. You had a busy month!!! Cheers to 2014!

  2. You’ve had a crazy amazing year! 2014 can only be better! You’re an inspiration and I love you lady!!!

    • Thank you gorgeous xoxox 2013 has certainly been a year of learning and growing! I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds! It is going to be a phenomenal ride that is for sure 😉 You inspire me lady xoxo love you too!!!!

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