Building My Own Cleavage

Today I am going to go over my Chest Training. As I continue to lose weight, my boobs are dwindling away. This I am fine with, because I am replacing them with muscle. I will make my own cleavage ;-)  One of my favorite physique competitors is Dana Linn Bailey. She is a woman who, in an industry where a lot of the ladies have implants, she has the confidence to stay natural. *Note I do not have a problem with implants, they just aren’t for me. ;-)

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I want that line she has at the top of her chest! It is something I have been working hard to get. My chest development has come a long way since I started, but is still a long way off from where I want it, but like I always say, I am a work in progress!

Let’s get started with that training ;-)

I start with Incline Dumbbell Press Set One 20lbs x 12, Set Two 25lbs x 10, Set Three 30lbs x 8, Set Four 35lbs x 6

Incline Flyes Set One 10lbs x 12, Set Two 12lbs x 10, Set Three 15lbs x10, Set Four 20lbs x 4

Dumbbell Pullovers Set One 35lbs x 12, Set Two 45lbs x 10, Set Three 55lbs x 8, Set Four 65lbs x 6

Bench Press Set One 65lbs x 12, Set Two 75lbs x 10, Set Three 85lbs x 8, Set Four 95lbs x 4

Cable Crossover 3 Sets 10lbs x 12

Pec Deck Machine Set One 55lbs x 12, Set Two 65lbs x 10, Set Three 75lbs x 8, Set Four 85lbs x 4-6

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day xoxox

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One Response to Building My Own Cleavage

  1. That line does look awesome! I have a hard time with dumbbell pullovers. My form is bad and I seem to use my arms more than I should… working on it.

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