Back Training!!!

Back Training is one of my favorite days! Always has been ;-)

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It is a hard core workout. The training  is  full body and intense. I love building my back up! It is definitely a day I feel strong on. *I again stress leave your ego out of it. I can care less what others lift. I get told all the time by people that they squat x amount or dead lift x amount. I worry about my form and what I am doing. Don’t compare yourself to others it gets you nowhere.

This is a day I start with Barbell exercises before Dumbbell. I start with T-Bar Rows I don’t know what the weight is considered when you do this with a barbell, so I just keep track of the plates I put on and don’t count the bar. My gym doesn’t have the t-bar row machine. Set One 45lbs x 12, Set Two 90lbs x 10, Set Three 100lbs x 8, Set Four 110lbs x 6

DeadLift is next and in my opinion one of the most important lifts! Set One 95lbs x 12, Set Two 115lbs x 10, Set Three 135lbs x 8, Set Four 155lbs x 4-6

Dumbbell Rows Set One 35lbs x 12, Set Two 40lbs x 10, Set Three 45lbs x 8, Set Four 50lbs x 6-8

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down Set One 60lbs x 12, Set Two 75lbs x 10, Set Three 90lbs x 8, Set Four 105lbs x 4-6

Close Grip Behind The Head Lat Pull Down There are mixed reactions on this exercise. If not done properly, like any exercise you do risk injury. I feel a benefit from these and love them! Set One 60lbs x 12, Set Two 75lbs x 10, Set Three 90lbs x 8, Set Four 105lbs x 4-6

Machine Rows. I prefer to do cable rows, but again not something I have at my gym. I settle for these till our contract is up lol Set One 45lbs x 12, Set Two 55lbs x 10, Set Three 65lbs x 8, Set Four 75lbs x 6

Next up Wide Grip Over Hand Pull Ups I basically try to do 4 sets of as many as I can. Typically by this point I am just wiped ha ha so I make the best of each set ;-)

Last but not least, My HIIT as always it’s on the step mill.

That is the last of my training posts ;-) Hope that answers some of the questions I have been getting. Have a fabulously fit day!!!! xoxox

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2 Responses to Back Training!!!

  1. Is the picture of the behind the head lat pulldown actually considered close grip? It looks like a wide grip the same as the regular front lat pull down pictured. Just curious.

    Though, the gal with the pull up has great glutes, I just want to pull her shorts down and get her wedgie out. :-) LOL

    • It is pictured with wide grip. Sorry I should have stated that ;-) My hands are about shoulder width. I feel it most in my upper middle back (Traps) and secondary in my Lats. Ha ha ha those wedgie pics are to show off those glutes :-P

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