Q & A Why I Take Aminos

I mentioned a while back that I was going to start taking my Aminos, not just before my workouts, but also during and after. This was recommended by a couple of my mentors. My Amino of choice has been ARO Black Series Amino Acids by Vitacost. CLICK HERE to read more about it!

Outside of the obvious reason 😉 I love these Aminos because they taste great and Vitacost has a phenomenal price on them! I have had some questions on why I take Amino Acids. There are several reasons…. Aminos are the building blocks of protein. It aids in digestion, as well as helps in muscle recovery.

What some do not know is that Aminos are also beneficial for building muscle mass. Like I said, they are the building blocks of protein and protein is the main component of building muscle. To be honest, since I have been taking Aminos before, during, and post workout, I have been seeing more gains and hitting PR’s every week.

What I have recently learned is that they are also beneficial for cutting weight! When cutting weight your body naturally goes into a catabolic state. This means that you risk the loss of muscle while trying to lose fat. The reason this is, is your body uses protein as fuel for your workouts. As you work harder to burn fat, your body will burn your lean muscle mass first and try to hold on to your body fat. This is bad news bears for anyone who is trying to lose fat and maintain muscle.

BCAA’s or Aminos will aid your body in preventing muscle loss. The aminos reduce the rate of protein breakdown, increase the rate of protein synthesis or process in which cells build protein, and increase your cell’s capacity for protein! But wait, there’s more…. It also reduces the amount of serotonin which means you can workout harder and longer. It also aids in fat loss!

I have been asked why I would supplement extra aminos when my protein has BCAA’s already in there. Well, the answer to that question is, The BCAA’s in your protein are bound to other aminos in your and have to be digested. Even though Whey proteins digests quickly, the BCAA’s take longer to get into the bloodstream. Whereas when you drink your aminos or BCAA’s separately, they are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream, therefore much more effective.

So to sum it up, Maximize fat loss, greater percentage of muscle mass retained, and you can go harder and longer in the gym! What’s not to love! I highly suggest adding Aminos to your daily supplementation!

Hope you all have a fabulously fit day!!! xoxo



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  1. Hubby and I have just recently started using Amino supplements post workouts! I’ve shared your post with my readers. Thanks!

  2. I’ve also been using these and the lemon lime flavor is so good! :)

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